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plugless power

  1. PluglessSteve

    InsideEVs - covers our post about Tesla S upgrades

    InsideEVs summarized our sifting of Forum boards to see what MS owners thought of the various upgrades available Which Tesla Options Are Worth The Price We have a poll running asking MS owners which options they chose: Model S Options Poll | Plugless Power if you are so inclined. Finally...
  2. Electric700

    Plugless Power Wireless Charging Update

    Below is a link to an interview of one of the first people to install Plugless Power on a Tesla Model S. In short, the Tesla owner really likes his new wireless charging system. There will also be a live interview on January 30th at 12:30 PM PT / 3:30 PM ET! To join, go to Plugless Power |...
  3. Electric700

    Plugless Power Systems to be Installed in Philadelphia Parking Garage

    Plugless Power, a wireless charging system available for the Tesla Model S, will be installed at a parking garage in Philadelphia. Plugless Power also has plans to support the Tesla Model X and Model 3 too. Link: 1st Of Its Kind Wireless EV Charging System Coming To 500 Walnut Residential Tower...
  4. Electric700

    Wireless Charging: Plugless Power Demonstration Video

    Below is a link to a Plugless Power wireless charging demonstration for the Model S! :cool: From what I understand, the cable going to the parking pad can be installed under the pavement.
  5. Electric700

    Plugless Power Now Available to Reserve for the Tesla Model S

    Plugless Power is now available for the Tesla Model S rear-wheel drive platform. The system should also support the AWD Model S later this year. More here: Wireless 7.2kW Charger for Tesla Model S | Plugless