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  1. V


    Hi all. I’m getting my new model Y in a week or so and am wondering what plug adapters come with the car, and if there are any that I should buy ahead of time. Thanks Brandon
  2. P

    Are Superchargers missing from plugshare today?

    All superchargers seem to be missing from plugshare this morning. Any info? Tesla Supercharger Map | PlugShare
  3. J

    Listing your Tesla HPWC on Plugshare

    First off, new here, not sure if I should be posting elsewhere, if I should, apologies. I'm curious, has anyone listed their Tesla or any other branded Wall Charger on Plugshare or similar app more for emergencies and someone needs a top-up? If so, how have you found the experience? What rules...
  4. Treetop235

    Charging w PlugShare or ChargePoint

    I will be driving to an office in Big Bear CA next week, it’s about a two hour drive, in below 40 temps, and some of the trio using snow chains. I drive a dual motor long range. A normal trip would leave me with 50%. And coming down uses very little power. But.ll that’s in nice warm weather...
  5. P

    Tesla iOS send to vehicle share extension

    Hi, I'm part of the team at PlugShare and we'd love to support sending a destination to your vehicle through Tesla's iOS share extension. Early testing has shown the extension to throw an error with no useful feedback. I know there are many technical users in this forum and we'd be very...
  6. jmcclureXPA

    Anyone install a destination charger at their work place?

    I want to install a charging station at my office. I am considering allowing others to use it as well? I.e. employees and clients and maybe anyone Does anyone have any advice for this? Has anyone installed something more universal than just a Tesla charging station? Is there a difference...
  7. W

    Wanted: your thoughts on the current state of EV charging location app/sites

    [Disclosure: I am the main developer of the Open Charge Map database, app and website, so I'm biased even though I try not to be :smile:] Hi folks, I have a general question about how people people about the current state of EV charging apps/sites: - What are the main challenges drivers...
  8. J

    Filter by Hotels with PlugShare

    Hotel filter implemented to only search for hotels with charging accommodations in our Tesla optimized browser PlugShare - EV Charging Station Map - Find the nearest location to charge your electric car! (see attached screenshot). Here is a link to our FAQ that explains how to search for hotels...