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  1. G

    Scheduled precondition and battery drain in cold weather

    Two questions. In the Tesla app I have my model Y set to precondition at a certain time, 545 AM in my garage. The car is not preheating the battery or the cabin like it typically does. It makes no sounds. I’ve made no other changes in the app or car. The car is plugged in. Haven’t had an issue...
  2. Adopado

    Precondition bacon colour

    The "bacon" that appears beside the battery icon in the app when preconditioning is/was red but recently I've seen it as orange ... I don't know if there is a specific meaning of orange as against red ... (as a colour "challenged" person the orange stands out better than dark red against the...
  3. S

    Preconditioning energy usage - plugged in vs. unplugged

    I thought it might be useful to share what I’m able to see using my Juicebox charger when it comes to preconditioning before departure. The screen shot below was taken after 17 min of preconditioning, while plugged into the charger obviously, and the battery was already at its charge setpoint...
  4. CPhoenix

    Pre-heating & Ohme Smart Charging

    Hi guys, I'm still getting to grips using the Ohme charger and new to charging the Tesla, so I'm hoping someone can shed a bit of light on this. I've got my usual scheduled charge on the Ohme app to top me up overnight to around 90% (I know I could probably set it to lower) and be ready for...
  5. C

    Pre-conditioning, regen, and cold weather

    So, I have a question. If we warm-up our car before leaving in the morning, do we still have regen? My hypothesis is no. Warming up the car will help, but regen will still be reduced even after the car/battery is/are warm. Here's my reasoning: I noticed something interesting yesterday. My...
  6. GenSao

    Special Modes of Operation: Preconditioning

    While browsing the Powerwall FAQ, Special Modes of Operation, I noticed a new feature other than Storm Watch, Preconditioning. Has anyone noticed this before? I do not recall the feature mentioned in the software release notes. Seems like a very nice feature to have by default. I also...
  7. fasteddie7

    Stronger, more aggressive Regen?

    Over the past week or so I've noticed my Regen is a little stronger than usual. It's been really cold where I live, and after I precondition for 45 minutes or so (with the new battery warming feature) and when I leave, I still have the dotted lines for limited Regen (pic attached) but it seems...
  8. fasteddie7

    Climate always on or precondition?

    Here's a question for the Tesla family: snowy day, 32° F out, expecting 3-5 inches, at work for 8 hours with no covered parking. I leave with 100% and get to work with 80% SOC. Do I : 1. Leave the always on climate at 65 or so to prevent build up of snow on the windows and keep the car...