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  1. A

    Does Tesla Share Drivers Habits to Data Brokers too? (!!!)

    Hi all, later last year Tesla pushed an update to allow opt-out of data sharing within the UI, but I was wondering those savvy enough in the industry would know how to find this data and if it was being used to estimate quotes for various insurance companies. I have a great driving record, and...
  2. P

    Cameras not accessible from the app

    I have a Tesla model Y and use my car in Switzerland, where I live. The manual says the following: "To access Live Camera from the Tesla app, tap 'Security' > 'Sentry Mode' > 'View live camera." I have done that but cannot access my cameras, when outside my car, from the app. Is anyone...
  3. Krash

    Thoughts on Tesla FSD Beta's requirement for zero in-cabin camera privacy and 24/7 recording and mandatory data sharing

    Merged with: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/7637325/
  4. P

    Facial recognition option to e-sign documents

    So Tesla tries to get you to e-sign your documents before taking delivery through use of facial recognition. For those who did it, what was the process like? I was thrown off and backed out of the flow and never got that option again - instead it went through another e-sign flow.
  5. E

    Purchasing used M3

    I’m pulling the plug and purchasing a Model 3! Before I do so, how does the current owner check the range of the car? Is the only way to charge to 100%? Once I purchase and remove their phone from the list of keys, would they still be able to track the location of the car? Any way to...
  6. E

    Bay Area tint recommendation

    Any recommendations for a relatively inexpensive yet quality tint in the Bay Area? I have a m3 and only want to do all 4 side windows, not the sunroof. If you could provide an estimate cost you were quoted/paid, I’d appreciate that! Also, any recommendations for %s or photos of your tints? I...
  7. K

    How to disable other users with app access from viewing your location?

    Hi, I need help. My dad is getting me a Tesla to monitor my location. I don't do anything wrong or illegal, just things that he disagrees with. Like visiting friends who are different religions, going to restaurants that have pork on their menus, volunteering at a Baptist hospital. I can't let...
  8. R

    Model 3 Window Covers

    Hey all - I'm planning on doing some camping in my Model 3 and am want to buy some privacy covers for the back and front windows. Does anyone know where to buy these? I've been doing a lot of searching and have only found these: Sunshades: Tesla Model 3, which seem quite expensive. I'm also...
  9. C

    $hadow file and the China Positioner

    Relatively new here. There's a certain file in each Tesla vehicle that contains passwords that give total access to your car. Given the high stakes positions the two greatest world powers hold against one another, would you care if that file contained an entry "chinapositioner" with a specific...
  10. D

    Has anyone ever opted out of Tesla's OTA features?

    I've been taking an interest in saving up for a Tesla myself but I recently came across this video concerning some security and privacy risks with Tesla cars, namely its Over-The-Air features. https://invidio.us/watch?v=Qjkt3X2WLrw After listening to it twice, I tried to look up to see if...
  11. A

    Youtube app continuously gives google precise location?!

    I was messing around with the Tesla's browser yesterday, as well as the alternate variant of it that can be accessed by clicking a link from within the youtube "app". I happened to jokingly go to Lyft's web-app, at ride.lyft.com, and was shocked to see it pinpoint my precise current location...
  12. eHaw

    Google maps location history and privacy

    There has been a lot of buzz in the IT community regarding Google Maps location history being kept by Google despite privacy settings requesting that it not be saved. It's not clear that Tesla owners even have access to privacy settings for our vehicles. So I'm wondering if anyone has...

    TeslaFi Privacy Policy

    Link: TeslaFi.com Privacy Policy As far as I can tell, TeslaFi's privacy policy doesn't mention anything about the data ingested from the vehicle and subsequently stored on TeslaFi servers. Obviously, this data is PII and highly sensitive - where you live, where you work, other places you...
  14. W

    Tesla location data--and ethics and law around it's being shared

    Would love to hear folks' opinions on the following: Our daughter mentioned to us that a dark blue Tesla slammed into her car door in San Francisco a few days back and then sped away as she got out to check the damage. She has precise time, date, GPS (37.741747, -122.422665), description of car...
  15. vfx

    Roadster GPS

    What do we know about the GPS in the Roadster? Is the Roadster dependent on the GPS that come in the JVC unit? (not likely). Is it located in the P E Module? Since it remembers charge stations does it only go on to record positions at that moment? Or is it always on? Is it always...