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  1. T

    Ranger Service - Winnipeg

    Can anyone tell me about "Ranger" service and it being available in Winnipeg?
  2. Xenoilphobe

    2021 Tesla Cybertruck vs 2020 Ford Ranger comparison

    2021 Tesla Cybertruck vs 2020 Ford Ranger comparison
  3. Ostrichsak

    Can we PLEASE Get a Competent Service Center in the Rocky Mountain Region?

    We have one in Littleton, one in Evans and a third in Superior (all suburbs of Denver BTW) that should be online sometime next year. That's three within about a half hour of each other in the Denver area. This is terrible planning. If they instead put the same three service centers in Denver...
  4. Daniellane

    Great Tip! Squeaky Brakes easily fixed!!!

    I had a Ranger come out last week. Fantastic service... I learned a few new things I thought I’d pass on, most importantly how to silence squeaky brakes. In addition to pairing the 2 new key fobs with the new improved 80 bit encryption that I had ordered, he was swapping my wheels out for the...
  5. Poopsy

    Ranger Visits

    I haven't see any posts on Ranger Visits. Sorry if I missed them. I wanted to let Tesla owners know there is a Ranger available to come to your home and service your car in your garage. This service is Great! I found out this was available to me in Liverpool, NY when I got the message my 12...
  6. TD-3

    3 wins for Tesla customer service in 12hrs

    Solid 12 hours for Tesla customer service: 1. N. Houston SC mailed me some unexpected swag! 2. Online merchandise team located an order that FedEx screwed up and returned to them more than a week ago and Tesla re-sent it to me. They emailed me back almost immediately and the order was headed...
  7. jbumps

    Location Feature Of Tesla App Blocked After Ranger Pick-Up

    Our X was picked up by a ranger this morning for transport to Cleveland Ohio, which is 200 miles away. My wife noticed that we were no longer able to use the location feature of the app, once it was picked up. Is this a 'normal' occurrence when relinquishing your Tesla to a service center?
  8. databen

    Tesla vs Competitors: Maintenance Costs

    I recently did some analysis on the cost of maintenance for a Tesla Model S and comparable ICE cars. No surprise to the crew here but thought I would share in case you like looking at charts about Teslas like I do :) More details + Charts here -> Tesla Model S vs Competitors: Cost of...
  9. stevepeck1

    Out of juice - battery issue, UI issue, or user mistake?

    My Ellen took our 201 P85+ on a Charleston South Carolina to Charlotte round trip this weekend. Used Santee and Charlotte Superchargers and the latest software update trip planner both ways. Charlotte elevation 751. Santee Elevation 128. Basically flat the whole way home. No headwind. Clear...
  10. L

    Scary & not great PR, BUT extraordinary service

    I’ve had my Model S almost 7 weeks. I should have posted on one of the “No Defects/Delivery Problem” threads, but didn’t. The car has been perfect – until today. Within a block of leaving home for work this AM, my windshield wipers failed. After several swipes where they did not go all the...
  11. Mayhemm

    Ranger Service Response Times, etc....

    Since I live 1000+ miles from the nearest Tesla store/service center, how my vehicle will get service when it is required is one of the biggest questions I face as a potential Tesla owner. My only reasonable option will be Ranger service. I was just curious as to the experience people have had...