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  1. M

    How to make Model 3 as light as possible?

    I have finally decided to see how fast I really can go at the Dragstrip. The last Test and Tune of the season is next Saturday and I want to make the car lighter. I tried removing the front passenger seat. I got down to where there were only two cables attached to the seat but I couldn't figure...
  2. T

    Remove "driver access"

    What will happen after I remove the driver access? 1. Will the ex-driver still be able to see the car in the app? 2. Will the ex-driver receive any notification via email
  3. KBurbridge14

    Why was Titanium given a death sentence?

    I'm still wondering why the Titanium color was removed as an exterior color selection. I've been kicking around different potential reasons since the announcement, but am still unconvinced. I ordered and received Titanium at the end of September and really like the color. I don't know if I...
  4. ElectricAvenue

    How to remove the door handles

    I would like to plasti dip the door handles on my model S. Is there an easy we to remove them?
  5. Babylonfive

    Has anyone gotten the side marker lights (T logo) popped open? Is it easy?

    Hi all, I want to see the bulb inside my side marker lights...I'd like to maybe change them to a brighter yellow (legal), or maybe cheat a bit and go with a blue/blue-white color. Forget about telling me I'm an idiot (as I hear that enough), and tell me if you've ever popped it out and if...