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rock chip

  1. 4

    Rock Chips Lower Front Driver Side Door

    So I noticed a rock chip on lower portion of the driver’s side door. I don’t have mud flaps installed, but having a hard time figuring out how a rock from my own tire could have hit there. Anyone else experience this area getting hit without mud flaps or do you think something else hit it and...
  2. C

    Scuff on windshield glass due to rocks

    Hey all, Had a rock fly at my windshield when driving behind a truck. -clunk- Scuffed the windshield slap bang in the center. The glass didn’t crack. It’s a very surface scuff and I can barely feel it when I run my fingers over it. But I can see it from the inside. I was wondering if...
  3. T

    Is this a rock chip?

    Just noticed this on my one month model X on the front windshield. Is it a rock chip? It is smooth on both the outside and inside of the window.
  4. E

    Fix front bumper chips

    I purchased a used M3 coloured MSM and the previous owner did not put on PPF. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but the front is chewed up from tons of rock chips. Anyone know how I can fix this (and the approximate cost)? I will eventually get PPF for just the front bumper as the rest of...
  5. Freewheeler

    Vendor DIY Door PPF?

    I've been offering a kit to members that address that area. Reasonable price and easy enough to do. I made it to protect the flare until a mudflap comes out but will probably use both in the future. Sold out at the moment but will have more inventory fabricated in the next day or so. PM me if...
  6. J

    Rock chip on roof

    I got a rock chip on my roof, small, about the size of a dime. I'm getting conflicting information from my searches. Can I use a windshield repair guy to fill it up with resin, or is the pano roof material different? Photo's a bit dark right now. Will try tomorrow in the sunlight.
  7. S

    Tesla Paint Repair Kit results

    I have a few rock chips on my Model S and decided to give Tesla's Paint Repair Kit a shot. It's basically a re-packaged Dr. Colorchip kit. I followed the instructional video steps on the product page with some minor adjustments. The rock chip and surrounding area was cleaned with alcohol and I...
  8. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor San Diego - Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film - Are Kit Installs Bad? What is a Custom Install?

    When it comes to protecting your Tesla Paint there's not doubt that clear bra which is also known as paint protection film (PPF) is king. The big name in clear bra right now is XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS. XPEL is widely considered to be the standard in self-healing film and any paint protection film...
  9. Knightro

    5 day old Telsa Rock Chip

    Telsa, my 5 day old S75 gets a, as deep as you can get, rock chip on my hood. For the veteran owners out there how do you handle these? I know enough to stay away from the pen-application type touch up paint options. Has anyone used Dr Colorchip or the like? I had planned on detailing and...
  10. DJ 240V

    Help me decide - to wrap or not to wrap?

    First let me start by saying , im not a car guy. I never splurged on the car - until now. Buying a model S was more of supporting the idea of a clean planet and Mr Musk's initiatives in general. I love the car and everything it stands for. Now my dilemma - should I wrap the damn car ? I do plan...
  11. rewski

    Full Front Clear Bra Xpel Ultimate in Denver

    Just thought I would post some photos from my full front end clear bra install. Just a shout out to Kirby at Colorado Clear Bra (Colorado Clear Bra is Denver Boulder Colorado’s leading installer of 3M clear bras) in Denver Metro, CO. He has now done three of my cars and his work is top notch...