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  1. T

    Touchless car wash in Phoenix/Scottsdale/Glendale area?

    I have a 2014 Tesla Model S Performance. I am fully aware of what a dirty towel could possibly do to my car, glass Windows and windshield. With that said, i have decided to use paper towel to clean vehicle along with Glass Shine. It works very well. I won’t even use a sponge on my car...
  2. gjunky

    Where will the new Scottsdale Service Center be Located?

    I was told that the Scottsdale Service center is moving to a dedicated new location. Does anyone know where this might be (apparently it is close to the existing one). I searched for building permits but didn't find any.
  3. H

    Scottsdale Charging Help

    I'm thinking about driving from San Fran area to Scottsdale. Getting there isn't a concern, but charging the car while in town is a concern. I'm staying at a Marriott timeshare so destination charging isn't an option (aside from hopefully 120 trickle). Best place to charge in Scottsdale area?
  4. R

    XPEL Wrap, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Coating, Powder Coated Rims, Red Calipers

    I know Kyle (@Bulldog Kyle) of Bulldog Detail gets frequently recommended here. I want to add an overdue shout out for the work he did on my Midnight Silver Metallic S75. I got the following done through Kyle / Bulldog Detail and could not be happier: Full XPEL wrap Gtechniq Crystal Serum...
  5. P

    Scottsdale, Arizona National Drive Electric Week Pavilions Car Show Event

    I saw on the registered vehicles page that 10 Teslas were coming to the event! Unfortunately, I heard the only P100D in the state would not be coming to the show. That would have been nice to see. Speaking of nice to see, someone registered a Tzero. I've only seen pictures and read about this...
  6. D

    Charging time Scottsdale -> San Diego

    I was curious if anyone that has made this trip several times might be able to comment as to how long they stopped to charge along the way. I have visited every supercharger along this route, so I am familiar with their surroundings. Let's assume model 85D Seems like I could get to Yuma with...
  7. benemac

    If You Could Order Again, What Options Would You Get

    We're getting close to putting in an order for a MS 60. But we have different ideas on options and colors. Keep in mind, we live in Scottsdale and don't need the subzero package or the smart air suspension (doesn't seem to do well in our climate). Currently, the options we agree on are...
  8. M

    Scottsdale (Arizona) Service Center

    There has been a thread for the temporary Phoenix service center, but haven't yet found one for the new Scottsdale location that opened in October. Perhaps the mods can move that old thread here. i continue to be impressed with the work ethic and enthusiasm of the staff. Manager, Nick, and a...