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security alarm

  1. M

    Phone left in car chime

    Can we please get a card or phone left inside car instant warning alert(like they have in ice cars). The walk-away door lock chime is useless if you leave yr phone in car and thieves get yr phone and your car.
  2. R

    Can't erase a sentry video listed as "Online"

    About a week ago I was picking up lunch. A pickup drove past playing really loud music. I heard the sentry alarm go off and found a video record of the event. It was labeled ONLINE. This is the only time I've noticed this label. But when I tried to delete the video, the only option I had was to...
  3. J

    Sentry mode has slowly died on me, now won't work at all......

    So I have had some huge issues with Sentry mode. At first i thought it was down to the USB i had so i swapped it for the recommended one. But then it stopped recording at my home address even though there were no exclusions and bluetooth was off on my phone. I have tried everything...
  4. primo

    TeslaPi: Security Alarm Integration Project w/ Tesla API and RaspBerry Pi

    I was getting familiar with the Tesla API even before my car was delivered. I just finished my first project: TeslaPi. The project can be downloaded here on GitHub. Here is a video demo. It is a very basic security alarm integration that uses an outdoor motion sensor and RaspBerry Pi to...

    The Best Way to Secure Your Tesla

    I'm sharing my methods for securing a Tesla using only the means that Tesla provides, no 3rd party anti-theft devices, etc. Add yours...
  6. M

    Stupid Question - Does the M3 have a security alarm?

    I know that there's GPS and all but if the car was broken into or vandalized the car, most basic security car alarm would sound. I can't seem to see where there is this feature in the M3. If not, I am really surprised as it would be nice to have it sound an alarm but also with the phone app, it...