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self drive tesla

  1. R

    Bait & Switch?? Help

    In December 2018 we purchased two Model X’s with “Enhanced Auto Pilot” and paid $5,000 per vehicle for EAP. I contacted Tesla service today as our vehicles aren’t recognizing traffic signals. I was advised by “Jairo” by text message we do not have “Full Self Driving” enabled. I contacted our...
  2. B

    Should I order Full Self Driving with my new Tesla?

    I already gonna get Enhanced Auto Pilot. Is this feature worth $3000 extra to do it now vs. paying $5000 later? I heard V9 will start to have some full self driving feature. Should I order it now? Looking forward to some suggestions here. Thanks.
  3. N

    Autopilot available and activated

    Anyone seen this: Tesla's self-driving Autopilot feature is now officially available in the UAE Soooo, it's included and activated now?
  4. databen

    Tesla vs Uber: Battle for Our Self-Driving Future

    I did some research on the battle to win our self-driving future between Uber and Tesla. Here is what I found -
  5. G

    Why Legacy Car Makers Will Struggle With Ride Sharing Services

    Hi everyone, I'm writing a series of posts about Tesla, self driving, and the auto market and want to get feedback on my opinions. I just posted my third one yesterday about why legacy car manufacturers like Ford & GM will really struggle with autonomous ride sharing services, which you can...
  6. G

    Would fully self driving upgrade help EAP?

    Apologies if this has already been answered, but does anyone have a sense on whether the $3k FSD upgrade that unlocks the full hardware suite would help enhanced autopilot perform better? Meaning would you get better autosteer, auto braking, summon, etc. due to using more cameras, or is the...
  7. DJ 240V

    Would you trust AP2.0 with your life?

    I'm looking for input from experienced AP1 owners . Autopilot sure does lull you into a false sense of security. Being a techie I know software will have bugs and hardware will fail. Its a matter of "when" not "if". I've just placed an order and excited about getting the new hardware. However...
  8. C

    Tesla's hidden treasure

    With a large fleet of autopilot/self driving cars on the road, Tesla may just created its most valuable resource yet-- road, traffic, driving data. If properly strategized and planned, this can be the most powerful weapon for Tesla to maintain its competitiveness. A good self driving...
  9. V

    When will self parking and self driving features appear?

    Anyone have any predictions when Elon will introduce self park and self drive features?