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speed assist

  1. G

    Speed Assist still not working on 2023.12.1.1

    I was excited to see the ability to read road speed signs was flagged for Australia and included in 2023.12.1.1. Has anyone seen this actually work? So far in the past two days it’s been 100% wrong with zero detections overriding map values - all suburban street scenarios for me, eg: * Using...
  2. Z

    Speed assist functionality degrade suddenly

    I have 2019 Model 3 Performance (HW3 and FSD) and around month ago since 2022.20.8 (or .7) speed assist (from speed signs or from mapdata) has mostly stopped working. Since that I car has received 2 updates and latest is 2022.24.8 and still same. Software info shows that "vision only" appeared...
  3. GolanB

    Got Clarification of User Manuals reference to reading road signs (it does not)

    Two weeks ago, I was reading through the most recent version of the Model 3 Owners manual, and the way it was written, it made it sound like the Model 3 had the abillity to read road signs. More specifically, it stated: You can also specify how the speed limit is determined: • Relative - The...
  4. W

    TACC override +5/-

    Does anybody have insight on this? I love the fact that TACC, determined by geocoded speed limit, can be overridden. I am shocked just how lackadaisically some jurisdictions code their streets and highways. So I believe there are two principal reasons for overriding: 1) The speed limit is...
  5. IFought4U

    Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers

    Can someone explain to me why RSWW is so difficult to activate on my EAP? While you're at it. What's the hold up on reading speed limit signs? Seems like pretty old tech to me.
  6. R

    relative speed assist warning

    Can someone describe what does the "speed assist" warning look like when set to "relative" and "display"? Because I don't think I see the warning. If I set it to "relative" and "chime", I hear the beeps (quite annoying actually). If I set it to "absolute" and "display", I see a small...