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  1. G

    Scheduled precondition and battery drain in cold weather

    Two questions. In the Tesla app I have my model Y set to precondition at a certain time, 545 AM in my garage. The car is not preheating the battery or the cabin like it typically does. It makes no sounds. I’ve made no other changes in the app or car. The car is plugged in. Haven’t had an issue...
  2. J

    Powerwall+ flashing green, system stuck on Standby

    hi all, I have had my TESLA solar install (10.4 Kw, Powerwall+) working perfectly (including PTO) since early June. A couple of days ago the system went on Standby mode and is just pulling from the grid. The Powerwall+ is flashing slowly green (every other second) which would indicate an...
  3. T

    Any way to put car on Instant standby without sentry?

    I park my car in my garage, but if it’s not on sentry it takes 5-15 seconds to connect to the car in app. When on sentry it’s instantly connected. My sentry keeps on recording a lot of false movements due to light bouncing off the walls. Is there any way to have the car instantly connect in...
  4. Lloyd

    Power walls not leaving Standby Mode

    I have two recent powerwalls installed about two months ago. Since installed, they will not come out of standby mode and begin charging on their own. In order to get the powerwalls to charge, I have to put it into backup mode, to kickstart them to charge, then later put it into TOU mode in order...
  5. plasmo

    How much battery drain during standby mode?

    Does anyone know how much battery is used when the car is in standby (and not plugged in) for long periods of time? For example, in a hypothetical situation where I would need to park my car at the airport for a 10 day vacation (not that I would leave my Tesla at the airport, but this was the...