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streaming music

  1. R

    Play an Entire Album Option

    When I pull up an entire album to play it seems like it would be handy to have option to play the entire album rather than having to select each track after previous track plays. As it is now I have to wait for each track to complete and then select another track from the album on screen. Anyone...
  2. wideglide

    SiriusXM app on Model S needs an update

    The addition of SiriusXM was very nice add to my 2021 Model S. However, Tesla is not maintaining the app. SXM updated channels several months ago and a number of channels changed locations. One example is the Escape channel which I have listened to for years on Channel 69. SXM moved Escape to...
  3. B

    Spotify - Album Selection

    Moderation comment - thread renamed from "Spotify" to be more descriptive for those searching or browsing Hi all Quick one here, maybe I’m being soft and missed something Say there’s a track playing in Spotify, album thumbnail shows up in the left hand corner What if I want to look at that...
  4. Krock65

    Spotify Free or Premium?

    Picking up my Blue Beauty on Monday. I've set up a playlist for the occasion in my free Spotify account. Will I be able to access it with the account in the Y? Or do I need to upgrade my current account to make that happen? I already have SiriusXM, Amazon Prime Music, and Apple, so don't...
  5. Kappelan

    Music isn't streaming for a week

    My internet radio is not streaming for maybe a week already. It is showing all the channels and everything but just not working. Spotify, Netflix, Youtube are fine. Haven't try to reboot the system yet but not sure that it would be any help. Anyone with similar problem?
  6. J

    I need input from fellow MX owners

    I am getting frustrated and could use some input. I have owned 4 Tesla's over the years. I started with a Model S 60, then went to a Model S 75D, then to a Model 3 LR RWD, and then in September 2018 I got a Model X P100D (this was an inventory vehicle - I was told when I was buying it that it...