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Play an Entire Album Option

When I pull up an entire album to play it seems like it would be handy to have option to play the entire album rather than having to select each track after previous track plays. As it is now I have to wait for each track to complete and then select another track from the album on screen. Anyone else want this capability?
I am using the basic Tesla streaming that comes with Tesla premium connectivity. Seems like it would be easy from software side to stream entire after you have it on the display.
So you are using the Slacker app? If so Slacker is more limited in what music rights it has and playing albums is not one of them. I think Slacker may have premium account that allows more but I now use Apple Music so Slacker is in the rearview.
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Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 3.20.19 PM.png
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Thanks - I wasn't aware that an app was being used. How do you know which app is being used and how can I put in a request to add a feature to play a full album that is on the display?
A little "old" school analogy. Slacker is a basically free music app (Premium connectivity is about the data) and somewhat mimics a radio station in you have limited control over what it plays. If you want full control over what music is playing then you have to "buy the album/music rights" by having a paid premium streaming service like Apple Music or Spotify.
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Thank you very much Julien - I learned something today (learn something everyday if you're not careful). I have Apple Music on my iPhone so will go that route for now. What would you say is the best sound quality ways of playing music in Tesla?
You are set since Tesla HAS an Apple Music app built in and looks/works the same as the iPhone/Mac app. It will also use all your Playlists and Library. All you need to do is switch it on (and I would suggest switching off Slacker) and only using Apple Music. On enable with a QR code on your iPhone. Watch this 5 minute Youtube on how to setup.

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