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  1. I

    Sold Selling Brand NEW 2022 TESLA MODEL S LR White on White 19" wheels, South Florida

    Just took delivery of my Model S in Fort Lauderdale FL and my Model X Plaid will arrive soon so looking to sell model S Long Range. Available immediately. Please text me at 786.999.9866 with your best offer. Thank you.
  2. T

    Vendor Tesla Model Y - Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating

    2 Tesla Model Ys XPEL Prime XR Plus high performance window tint treatment We are Florida's leading Tesla appearance enhancement and protection specialists. •Clear Bra •Window Tint •Ceramic Coating •Paint Correction •Chrome Delete •Suspension •Powder Coating Conveniently located less...
  3. T

    Vendor Teslas & Coffee hosted by The Tesla Studio in Tampa

    On May 25th we will be hosting the first Teslas & Coffee in the Florida's west coast. This event will be held the last Saturday of every month from 8am-10am at our facility The Tesla Studio 12911 N Nebraska Ave. Tampa, FL. 33612 We invite everyone to come out and socialize with fellow Tesla...
  4. T

    Vendor Clear bra installation gone wrong

    This new Tesla Model 3 Performance was taken to another shop to have the paint protective film aka clear bra installed on the full front end of the vehicle. The biggest issues found on this job were misalignment of the clear bra and cuts into the paint when they tried to trim it. We can not...
  5. F

    Tampa delivery moved up to the 11th from 17th

    I am so excited that my delivery got moved up. I haven’t seen anything about the quality of cars coming out lately, at least where I’ve been perusing. Anyone who has received a car in the last couple weeks can you provide your experience of the quality, good and bad?
  6. F

    Tampa delivery moved up to Nov 11 from 17th

    I am so excited my delivery date got moved up. I am looking for people that have had an experience, good or bad, at the new delivery center on Florida Ave. I’m also curious to know how the quality of cars have been. It’s a long way from Fremont which means there’s is a lot that can happen along...
  7. shirosan

    Hello from Tampa, Florida - USAF Vet

    Hello everyone, I recently received my new 2018 Tesla Model S 100D back in mid June 2018 after trading in my lifted 15'/16' GMC Sierra Crew Cab. Before I bought my Tesla, I had a solar system with Powerwalls installed in my home back in the beginning of April. I've really enjoyed the Tesla...
  8. W

    Tampa store now has a Model 3 available for test drives

    Tampa store now has a Model 3 available for test drives.
  9. T

    Vendor Our exclusive Tesla Detail Studio is under construction - Follow the Process

    As we mentioned earlier in the year, we are opening a studio in Tampa that will be exclusively for Tesla vehicles. This new facility is located exactly 1 mile from the new Tesla service center in north Tampa. In this location we will be offering: Window tinting Auto detailing Clear bra...
  10. Auto Paint Guard

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 - Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating and Window Film

    The long wait is finally over and the Model 3s are rolling in. A long-term customer of APG, brought in their new Model 3 for paint protection film and window tint. After going over all options, we decided to do the following: Paint Protection Film: Full Hood, Full Fenders, Mirrors, Lights...
  11. T

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 - Clear Bra, Window tint, Ceramic coating

    Tesla Model 3 Full front, rockers and rear bumper custom wrapped in paint protective film clear bra Full window tint treatment Picked up and delivered back to the customer. We are Southwest Florida preferred total automotive surface protection specialists for Tesla owners...
  12. T

    Vendor Our new custom built enclosed trailer to transport your new Tesla is here!

    As many Tesla owners already know and have experienced, we offer a free concierge service where we pick up your Tesla from your home or Tesla delivery center, bring them to our facility to perform the work requested and later delivered to your door steps. This service is available at no cost to...
  13. T

    Vendor Tesla Model X - Full vehicle custom clear bra wrap

    This Tesla Model X was brought to us from Orlando for our full vehicle custom paint protective film clear bra wrap installation. We wrapped every edge, corners that could be possibly wrapped and tucked in the film under the chrome trim for a clean seamless installation. We also installed the...
  14. mhonig

    Registration Charge Rebate

    When I took delivery of my MS on October 6, 2016 in Tampa, there was a $500 registration charge. I inquired about the charge and was told by email from Cameron Watson, a delivery specialist, that they are not quite sure what the charge will be, so they overstate the amount and then refund the...
  15. mhonig

    2016 RED MODEL S 90D

    1 month old Model S 90D, total milage 275 miles, located in Palm Harbor/Tampa Bay area. Sticker price $102,450. 19" Slipstream Wheels Red Multicoat Paint 90 Wh Battery Autopilot Convenience Features All Wheel Drive All Glass Panoramic Roof Taan Next Generation Seats Black Alcantara Headliner...
  16. T

    Vendor We are on the move!!!

    Thanks to the big support we have gotten for the last 3yrs from Tesla owners like yourself we have outgrown our current detail studio and we're now moving to a 4700 sqft building where we will be able to offer many more services with the same high quality you got to know us for. Our new...
  17. Richg

    Ludicrous upgrades starting in Tampa

    I was called by the Tampa Service Center and will be the first Ludicrous upgrade on Monday. It will take two days. Upgrades are starting in Florida!
  18. T

    2012 Model S Signature - Ultimate Complete Detail

    Working on a Signature Tesla is always a treat and this one wasn't any different. I just love the color. This 2012 Model S Signature was brought to the studio for our Ultimate New Car Prep. As pictures show, the car was in need of some TLC and we are your only choice when you wish to have it...
  19. T

    Vendor Resurrecting a 2013 Model S - Correction and Gtechniq Protective Coating

    The following 2013 Model S was brought to our studio for a rejuvenation via paint correction and protection with Gtechniq coating. The front bumper, nose cone and rear right quarter panels had been repainted by a body shop. Excessive amount of water spots were also present on every panel of the...
  20. T

    Vendor 2014 MS Multi color red...New Car Prep with Gtechniq Crystal Serum

    We were contacted by the owners of this Tesla when they first ordered the car. After asking a few questions, knowing what their expectations were and inspecting the car at arrival, we decided to perform a single stage paint correction to remove most of the surface scratches the Models S usually...
  21. J

    Washington to Tampa, we beat the Tesla Cross Country records !

    My wife and I attended the Tesla Road Trip in Washington Feb 15-17 2014. Unfortunately I could only take one day of from work so we had to get home after the event in one day. I was concerned that it will take forever and that we will be "dead" when arriving. I post a detailed spreadsheet below...