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trunk lights

  1. S

    Upgraded boot LED light - tight to fit

    Hi everyone. I bought a pair of upgraded LED lights to improve the lighting in the boot / trunk area. I’m finding it quite difficult to slide the car’s cable into the light connector. It’s as if the light’s socket is too small. I don’t want to force it in case it breaks. Has anyone else had...
  2. E

    Model Y Trunk Lighting

    In my S there were 2 LED lights in the trunk. I can not seem to find an answer if there are any lights in the rear of the Y, or if they can be upgraded if there are like the other lights can be.
  3. ibdb

    Model 3 Trunk Lights Don't Always Turn On

    I've searched through a few threads, but one was linked to a bad trunk latch and one was linked to lights not being connected. That's not my issue. It's also not a case of the lights being dim. If I approach the car from the rear and open the trunk during a time when the car has been sleeping...
  4. Haxster

    My Model S 90D Cabin Lighting Upgrade

    Overview: As others have observed, the interior lighting is really dim. It’s pleasant “ambient/mood lighting” but falls short on practical lighting to actually see stuff in the dark. My December 2016 MS has the Premium Upgrades Package. This includes thirteen 200 milliwatt cool white LED...
  5. pete8314

    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    As some of you might know, I've been selling replacement LED bulbs for the licence plate for a while now, and they've been very well received. The manufacturer I use is a major OEM out of Taiwan, and their quality is excellent, but not cheap. I've been working with them for the past few...