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  1. G

    FS: 20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbine Wheels, Tires, and TPMS (from New M3P)

    20” Tesla Model 3 Uberturbine Wheels with Stock Summer Tires and Tesla TPMS Wheels and tires were taken off of 2023 Model 3 Performance the day it was purchased (2/9/23). Tires had 38 miles on them when taken off. Basically factory new with only very minor marks from factory. Includes: 4x...
  2. MontyFloyd

    Uber, Lyft Drivers Switch to Teslas as High Gas Prices Squeeze Profit (ripped from headlines)

    The beginning of the mass migration. Uber, Lyft Drivers Switch to Teslas as High Gas Prices Squeeze Profit (Bloomberg version) This raised my eyebrows. More exposure, more customers, faster migration to BEV.
  3. O

    Question for Tesla Model 3 Uber Drivers

    So I'm a taxi driver and know the future is green. All diesel cars are looking to be banned in the UK by 2030, whether they extend to 2040 is another guess. What I want to know is, what is the real world range in the city for Model 3s? Are they as economical as people are saying or is the...
  4. A

    Uber and Lift leaving California, potential opening for a RoboTaxi fleet?

    It's been big news today, a new California law is requiring ride-sharing companies to treat their drivers as employees, not contractors, and apparently Uber and Lyft have both decided to stop service in California instead of complying with the law. It's a little early, but if Tesla can start...
  5. D

    Uber's Self-driving AI Predicts the Trajectories of Pedestrians, Vehicles, and Cyclists

    Read an article on slashdot and wondering if Anyone knows if Tesla is working on this? It’s super annoying when a car crosses my lane with plenty of room and my X slams on the brakes thinking it a stationary object for a moment. “In a preprint paper, Uber researchers describe MultiNet, a...
  6. A

    Driver for Uber or Lyft with your Tesla?

    Hey fellow TMC members - Do you drive for Uber or Lyft with your Tesla? If so, do you do it full time? What are some wear and tear expectations I should have or protect against if I wanted to use my vehicle for such? Have a Model X but am thinking about getting a Model 3 or Y for ride share...
  7. firerock

    Taking 3 day old Model Y for repair, and $100 Uber credit per day!

    Received Model Y on Monday via their new contactless delivery. It was fairly painless, but issues with the car were found and the only thing I could do is to schedule a service appointment. With you guys suggestion, I used the mobile app to schedule an appointment on April 1st (not a...
  8. grapesmc

    First service experience - 2020 Model S Performance

    Hey gang After finding spots of oil a number of times on my garage floor under the front driver's side wheel, I made an appointment to have my Model S examined. I had suspected the front motor driveshaft was potentially the culprit after reading another member's similar experience. I filled out...
  9. T

    Why are Uber/Lyft drivers still driving ANY ICE vehicles?!?

    Okay, not to be rude, but I sometimes feel as though we have a few too many people around that are just plain stupid or beyond ignorant. Now that Tesla/Elon has transitioned from "Top-of-the-Line P100D's loaners," to "What did the Uber driver show up with?" I just rode with two Uber drivers...
  10. S

    College students react to Tesla Uber

    Please subscribe, like and share. Enjoy!
  11. Clprenz

    Tesla Ranked #1 Mobility Company of the Future

    Hey Everyone! I've been gone for quite a while! As the transportation industry undergoes massive changes, I wanted to pull together a list of the companies leading the change! I think you guys know quite a bit about #1. Let me know what you think, I'm open to all sorts of feedback Top 7...
  12. databen

    Tesla vs Uber: Battle for Our Self-Driving Future

    I did some research on the battle to win our self-driving future between Uber and Tesla. Here is what I found -
  13. D

    Shedding some light on the Tos is the fully autonomous cars.

    Hello all, I am wondering if you all could help shed some light on a question I am having troubles answering. I am considering getting myself a Ms 60d with AP enabled (Not fully autonomous enabled ) and I know you cannot use an "autonomous" car for ride sharing. I was considering using my car...
  14. R

    Should Tesla decide what you can or can not do with your car?

    Ok.... I'm sure this will draw the ire of many. No I am not a troll. I am not hear to speak about the cars themselves. I looked at but ultimately decided against a Model S purchase...for now. I think what the company has delivered to date is quite impressive. However, this article, if...
  15. glusc2002

    To Uber or Not

    my friend brought up the idea that he wanted to uber in his X a few times a day/week from an airport during just the day. Strictly a part time gig. He had spoke to another tesla owner who is currently doing this and paying his monthly payments ubering, although idk if its full time or not. I'm...
  16. disillusioned

    Uber driving my P90D

    So I've been a bit bored on weekends when the wife is at work and rather than sitting around, I thought it'd be fun/funny to start driving for Uber for a few hours at a time. I put in about 6 hours this weekend. Top questions so far: "Wait, this is an UberX?" (I'm eligible for Uber Select...
  17. ludicrousspeed

    Speculative Tesla Segments

    *Preface: this discussion is purely speculative. I think Tesla should only be valued on the products/services they have officially announced and sold to date* Tesla being "only a car company" is its biggest misconception. Their mission statement is to transition the world to sustainable and...