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usb music

  1. A

    Remembering last played song when switching source

    Hi Guys, new Model 3 owner here. Is there any way for the car to remember the last song that was played when switching between music sources? Seems like a basic thing that all my old cars did. I like to switch between the radio and either Spotify or USB when the adverts come on in the morning...
  2. digitaldad

    Question for those regularly using USB drive for music playback:

    I have a 2022 MYLR modified with the T-Parts USB control module that enabled data on the front USB-C ports. I had read semi-recently, either by release notes or posts/comments that the handling of usb music was better after recent software updates (playback resume when entering car after...
  3. HelloJP

    Music on my USB play at the same volume

    How can I make my Music on my USB, installed in the glove box, play at the same volume? MYLR 2022
  4. N

    USB not recognized in center console

    New Model 3LR. Created Music USB formatted as FAT32 on new SanDisk flash drive. Neither port in center console connects to Media Player. Ports will charge iPhone with USB-C/Lightening cable so ports must be live. Plugging flash drive into USB port in glovebox works fine and all contents show up...
  5. MikeMalter

    USB Music Player

    Sorry to say, but the UI on the USB player has to be the most miserable to use I have ever experienced. When I click back, it goes back to the top of the list instead of where I was. Does anyone know if there are plans to fix this?
  6. C

    USB Music won’t play automatically

    Hi Every morning my music from the USB Stick wont play automatically. It’s just off and I have to press the play button. Radio or other sources work fine. What do I do wrong? Thanks
  7. I

    USB Audio Getting Worse [2020 Model S]

    I think not many people must use the USB for audio, but I have a ton of songs on a USB drive from my previous car, all organized and such... and it's easily been the *most* frustrating experience since I bought my Tesla, and it's getting worse. The constant issue is the USB drive not loading...
  8. S

    Solutions to transfer mp3's to a USB stick effectively, without a PC?

    Hi, Is there any good solutions out there that would allow me to transfer mp3's to a USB stick wirelessly? I'm using USB for music in my model 3 so whenever I want to add / remove songs from the USB stick, I need to take the stick home, do the transfer, and have to remember to take the stick to...
  9. d.c.palmer

    Latest Software Update breaks "Folder View" (USB Audio)

    Having just installed the latest software update (2019.12.1.1), I find that the audio system is - once again - messed up. Specifically, this is when navigating by "Folder View" from a USB Stick. The files used to appear alphabetically, but no more! They're now randomly arranged - in fact...
  10. MJB-CO

    USB Music Loading Error

    I have 2 SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 32GB flash drives. One is set up for the Dash Cam - works fine. Second for music - FAT32, folders for albums. the music drive is recognized by my M3 - shows all albums, all songs. when I select a song receive a Loading Error I've rebooted the screen & shut...
  11. R

    Tip for USB key + charging

    As you probably already know, the front USB ports are the only one that work with a USB key for music. This "uses up" one of them as far as charging goes. I experimented and found that this cable solves the issue...