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  1. scottf200

    Video overview: Who Makes America's Semi-Trucks

    I thought this was an excellent overview of that industry manufacturers (USA mainly). [easy to listen to and understand at x1.75 speed (gear icon)] Who Makes America's Semi-Trucks
  2. TMC Staff

    Tesla Takes Unofficial Second-Place Position In J.D. Power's Tech Study

    Tesla didn’t give J.D. Power permission to survey owners in every state, so its results don’t count. Following suit with its other recent studies, J.D. Power has included Tesla in its Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study. However, since Tesla doesn’t allow the company to survey owners in 15 states...
  3. spotlightres

    Vendor Exclusive Automotive Research Event

    To whom it may concern, I am reaching on behalf of Spotlight Market Research. We are a market research firm looking for hand selected individuals to take part in a unique research event on behalf of a major automotive manufacturer. For this specific event we are looking to hear your thoughts...
  4. S

    Will this mean more (if that's possible) car break-ins?

    Do you see this as a Bad Idea like I do? I saw this news story about Amazon starting a package delivery service today for Amazon Prime members where your orders are delivered directly to your locked car wherever it it parked (has to be accessible like in lot, on street, public lot). Select newer...
  5. A

    Tesla vs Volvo xc60 T8 vs Cadillac ct6 Super Cruise

    Drove xc60 T8 with Pilot Assist fully loaded. The car is hybrid and can go in all electric mode, so, all that was impressive. The Pilot Assist was actually very good it kept the lane quite well, however: 1) on not so tight curves 80 miles/hour it crossed the markers 2) couple time it disengaged...
  6. 1208

    Tesla Model 3 safer than Luxury 2017 Volvo S90

    Tesla Model 3 safer than the Luxury 2017 Volvo S90. Euroncap tested the Volvo at 32km/h or 19.88mph.
  7. S

    Tesla Hired Volvo's Head Of Interior Engineering To Fix Its Interiors

    Just saw this article on Jalopnik: http://jalopnik.com/tesla-hired-volvos-head-of-interior-engineering-to-fix-1790315839 Tesla Hired Volvo's Head Of Interior Engineering To Fix Its Interiors "Since Tesla’s interior quality is something that people complain about the most, it’s good that the...
  8. Ohji

    Next generation autopilot - Model S vs XC90

    I am excited to take delivery of my Model S sometime in the next couple of months, as Autopilot 2.0 was far more than I was expecting from Tesla at this time. That being said, I thought it would be interesting/fun to discuss the differences between Volvo's approach and Tesla's, seeing as both...
  9. SwedishAdvocate

    Volvo XC90 T8 AWD

    Volvo Cars is allegedly releasing a new Plug-In Hybrid XC90 in late 2014. Image Credit: Volvo Cars Image Credit: Volvo Cars Image Credit: Volvo Cars Image Credit: Volvo Cars Edit: On closer inspection it appears that the third image is from their Concept Coupé, and not the upcoming new...