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  1. Robin Chris

    Sweden MYP - Waiting Room

    Hi Boys n Girls waiting for your Tesla delivery :) i Myself ordered 2 Tesla MYP on 2022-06-29 (late June) Current time window of delivery 2022-10-26 . 2022-12-20 Following up this thread with peoples updates on deliveries so we who ordered Tesla Model Y Performance vehicles in Sweden know what...
  2. Y

    Oregon Waiting Room MYLR

    Since I have spent countless hours refreshing my account page to see if the delivery date has changed, I thought I would create this waiting room to see how long other Oregonians are waiting (and to help pass the time). I ordered my MYLR on 5/24 and as of today, my delivery date has moved to...
  3. J

    Suffolk county, NY model Y LR AWD WAITING!!

    May 28, 2021 I placed my order for my model Y and I added everything they wanted on the website. Insurance, trade in pictures and all.. have not received a delivery date or a VIN number.. any one else in Suffolk county, NY waiting for there Tesla ?
  4. N

    Indiana Waiting Room

    Ordered my Model Y AWD LR on 9/28. White with stock wheels, no tow hitch.. Got a VIN on 10/18. Now waiting on Delivery date. Hard to be patient. Any one else in Indiana waiting?
  5. G

    MR Waiting Room

    In short, I've configured a Model 3 MR on March 4th with all tasks completed with no follow up. Still waiting for delivery date and VIN. My configuration: Black M3, Mid Range, Premium White Interior, Aero Wheels Been checking on the Tesla site everyday to see if VIN number has arrived and...
  6. lunitiks

    Waiting room

    Wait here
  7. R1Fast

    Seattle/Bellevue waiting room

    I couldn't find a waiting room thread for the Seattle area (apologies if I missed it), so I'm starting one. I can't imagine I'm the only one who got bent over on delivery recently around here. My delivery day experience - Reserved 4/12/16 - Configured 7/11/18 - 9/6: Delivery scheduled 9/28...