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wheel spacers



    In excellent condition, T Sportline TS5 18x8.5, Was on my vehicle for 8000 miles. Made specifically for Tesla. Retails for $1750 new. This will fit the model 3 and Y and will clear the Performance brakes. Picture is of actual wheels. No bends or curb rash. In near perfect condition...
  2. 8

    25mm spacer rubbing with 18" Setup

    Hello there, Just wanted to share my experience with the my setup and the result of adding 25mm spacers from T Sportline. The rears are great, but the front rubs the inside of the wheel well when I make a somewhat sharp turn. Sadly I'll have to remove the front spacers then I'll measure to...
  3. Visionary

    Sold FS : Bonoss / Blox Sport Forged 15mm Model S and X 5x120mm Spacers!

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing FS : Bonoss / Blox Sport Forged 15mm Model S and X 5x120mm Spacers!. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. FS : Bonoss / Blox Sport Forged 15mm Model S and X 5x120mm Spacers!

    For sale FS : Bonoss / Blox Sport Forged 15mm Model S and X 5x120mm Spacers!

    FS : Bolt On 15mm Bloxsport / Bonoss Spacers for All 4 Wheels. Active Cooling. Forged AL6061-T6 with Tensile Strength ≥ 310 Mpa, Gives you the perfect flush fitment (see pic). Used for only 2k miles. Like New!. $175 shipped to the 48 states.
  5. S

    Spacers needed?

    Hello, Will be putting on my te37 soon with 20x10 et 30. Do you have any inputs on spacers? I was thinking 4mm on the rear for a flush look. Thanks
  6. NJturtlePower

    Ultra Red Aftermarket wheel color? Help/Vote :)

    In my head I’ve been set on some bronze Stance SF10 wheels for my new Ultra Red X, but now second guessing myself…. Anybody done a similar setup or should I just go with the safe bet black option?
  7. IMG_6120.jpeg


    Lowered, spacers 15 front and 20 rear.
  8. C

    Expired H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers - 17mm [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers - 10mm & 17mm. Please add to the discussion here.
  9. N

    2023 Plaid "Refresh" Lowering Links / Spacers 22" Wheels

    Can't seem to find this anywhere, so I did it myself. And I'm too stubborn to pay 3x as much for parts to do this when it's not necessary. Spacers - 25mm : Amazon.com : $95 Lowering Links : Airlinks Lowering Links for 2012-2020 Tesla Model S with Air Suspension | eBay : $60 First things...
  10. T

    15mm Wheel Spacer All Around

    Hello, I have a 2017 Facelift Model S. It has staggered (9s in the back) 21 turbine wheels. I have ordered 15mm wheel spacer for Model S. I am planning to have 15s in the front and back. Will they work? Thanks.
  11. D

    Bonoss (Bloxsport) Flush Spacers (2) 20mm, (2) 25mm

    Iave for a sale a almost brand new spacer set. It was only used for 3 weeks before i bought aftermarket wheels. Bonoss (Bloxsport) Spacers (2) 20mm, (2) 25mm $175 Located in central Iowa
  12. G

    Model S Wheel fit for Model Y

    My friend has a set of Martian wheel on his model S. I have a model Y and it will not fit. He told me to use a BONOSS wheel spacer. I personally prefer not to use anything just plug and play. Is there any issue having these wheel spacers for driving? New to after market wheels. Thanks
  13. E

    Does stud thread pitch matter?

    New owner of a ‘20 Model 3 Performance looking to get spacers. I see that there are a few Tesla model specific options available but like most of us I’m always trying to save money. I know I need a 64.1mm bore spacer with the 5x114 pattern, and I want to go with 25mm rear and 15mm front...
  14. S

    BLOXSPORT Spacers for Model 3 Performance (20mm Front / 25mm Back)

    Wanted to know if anyone has this setup with BloxSport spacers: 20mm front / 25mm back, with OEM 20" wheels. I wanted a bit more aggressive look than the 15mm / 20mm that is typically used, however I don't want ANY poke out of the wheel wells. (it looks like it'll be close and perfectly flush is...
  15. J

    MYP: Spacers on 21” Ubertines

    Has anyone added spacers to the stock 21” Ubertines setup? If so, what size did you add front/rear? Pix would also be nice!
  16. Teedub21

    BLOXsport 15/20mm hub centric wheel spacers model 3 5x114.3 $125 shipped.

    Bought a new set of wheels and no longer need these spacers that I was running with the stock wheels. One pair of 15mm and one pair of 20mm BLOXsport 6061-T6 forged spacers for Tesla model 3. Not sure if these fit the performance model, I used them on an SR+. A few dings around the edges...
  17. M

    WTB: 15mm & 20mm wheel spacers for MYP

    Looking to buy 2x 15mm and 2x 20mm wheel spacers for Model Y Performance. DM if you area looking to part with yours. Thx
  18. Aaron14902

    Model 3 Parts FS: 20" Performance Gray Wheels, 20mm BLOXSPORT Wheel Spacers, OEM All Weather Floormats, & Tire Rack

    I recently traded in my 2018 Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range so I have the following parts for sale that are in great condition. Meet up at the In ‘N Out Burger on Cochrane Road in Morgan Hill CA or the Wells Fargo Bank on Blossom Hill Road in San Jose CA nearby Oakridge Mall. First come, first...
  19. 2017S&XLftBhnd

    3rd Party 4 Wheel Alignment Providers

    Incase you didn’t know, Tesla Service Center will not do an alignment if you have any aftermarket parts, wheels, suspension, etc. I have the UP Lowering Springs and Wheel Spacers installed and can’t seem to find anywhere that will do an alignment on a Tesla. I have seen a few mentioned in...
  20. pabla

    Wheel Spacers and Lowering Issues

    Hello all, Just yesterday I lowered my 2014 p85 with lowering links (58mm front 78mm rear) and installed a set of 20mm spacers. Its sitting on OEM staggered turbines 245 in front and 265 in the rears. The fitment looks amazing, but now I am troubled with a few things. When reversing the front...
  21. pabla

    Quick Help!

    Hello all, Was looking to purchase a set of spacers for my '14 P85. Was about to purchase a set from motorsport-tech but saw a set for sale local to me. They are 20mm in thickness, bolt pattern of 5x120, bore of 64mm, threads are 14x1.5. They are H&R Track+ wheel spacer they were originally for...
  22. B

    Performance 20" with wheels spacers

    i'm looking for some wheel spacer for my M3P (20"). Think it will works with 17mm front and 20mm rear, but i'm not sure. Do you have some Pics or Infos for me?
  23. EVS Motors

    Vendor For Sale: Model 3 Wheel Spacers for OEM Wheels - Gives Flush Fitment Look *NEW*

    Hi everyone, I have in stock 2 sets of wheel spacers for the Model 3. These are made for the OEM wheels and meant to bring the wheels out towards the fenders more for a flush look. Currently with the stock wheels, the fenders dramatically hang over the wheels. This will fix that awkward look...
  24. P

    Wheel Spacers on Model X

    Does anyone know what's the factory range tolerance for the wheel offset? Also, have any X owners already installed wheel spacers on their cars? If so, mind to share your experience? Thank you.