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yellow banding

  1. C

    Model S & Model X Class Action Lawsuit: Yellow Band / Yellow Banding Defect

    Hi everyone, In February, I filed a Class Action lawsuit against Tesla after my Model S experienced the "yellow band" defect while under warranty, and Tesla neglected to permanently repair the issue. In addition, my warranty was (and still is) not accessible via tesla.com; Tesla refused to...
  2. ishareit

    MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade - technician skipped screen replacement

    Yesterday, I got the MCU1 upgraded to MCU2 on my 2017 Model S. I had a yellow border around my old MCU1 screen. I paid $2500 for the upgrade and I specifically asked for, and they confirmed that both the MCU and the screen will be replaced. When I went to pick up the car, the MCU was upgraded...
  3. P

    Fixing Monitor Yellow bands with UV??

    Been waiting for a long time for a fix for the yellow bands on ‘16 X. I was told a new monitor would fix it. Now I am told they use an UV system. News to me? Any experiences with this?? Thanks!
  4. T

    Every service experience makes me want to sell my Model S

    I have a 2017 Model S100D. Purchased new - paid $120k back then. It's been a great car, albeit with many service issues. At first, Tesla service was exceptional. They would drive 60 miles each way from the Gigafactory 1 to Lake Tahoe to perform onsite service. And the mobile technicians...
  5. A

    Screen replaced...new one reboots at least once a day

    Had my screen replaced a couple weeks ago (Yellow banding) and now the center screen reboots at least once a day (Goes dark, logo show up a minute later and it reboots). Driver display is unaffected. they said they replaced the MCU AND the screen but im pretty sure the service advisor had no...