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2013 P85+ Metallic Grey 52K Miles

As I am typing this I am still undecided if I really want to get a Model 3 instead of my beloved P85+ but want to test the waters and see what I can get for her…

First off,

I bought her as CPO from Tesla with 35K Miles. Still has CPO coverage until 01/2021 or up to 85K Miles
Asking for $54,000.00 obo
2013 P85+ 52K Miles (driving daily)
Plus Suspension
Grey Metallic Paint ( metal roof )
21” Wheels ( Staggered)
Carbon Fiber Decor
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Unlimited free Supercharging
Twin Chargers
Smart Air Suspension
Sound Studio Package
Tech Package ( Home link, motorized trunk, interior lighting)
265 Miles EPA Rated Range
4.2sec 0-60 mph
  • As seen in the pictures, I have installed the center console, installed a carbon wrapped nose cone, “ The law “ licence plate holder.
  • The car came with a clear protective film (brand unknown), half hood and the whole front, back and over the wheel arches.
  • Rear tires are only couple hundred miles old. Michelin Pilot Super Sport 8/32 ( as measured by Tesla service today) and fronts are Michelin PS 5/32
  • The brake pads and disks ( all four corners) were replaced by Tesla service at 38K miles (under warranty)
  • Both passenger and driver sun visors were replaced by Tesla (under warranty)
  • All four TPS sensors were replaced by tesla under warranty
  • The paint and interior is pretty much in the same condition that I got her from tesla.
  • 2 of the wheels have slight curb rash ( rookie mistake first week of owning the car)
  • No known problems
  • Have the title in hand


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I’ve been obsessively pricing due to selling our non performance model S. I honestly do not think this site gets that much action. Many views but I think mainly from other people looking at how much they could get for theirs potentially. No way to know this for sure but just an educated guess. I do think your price may be a little on the high side for no AP, the year, and the mileage. But within range someone should make you an offer if they were interested, definitely not way out of line. Look on Tesla’s site for used inventory to compare. Some people will be willing to pay more for the CPO versus private sale but CPO is now 70 checks rather than the 200 checks they used to do PLUS they no longer fix anything cosmetic. Best of luck.
I think the price is high and that is the reason for the lack of interest. To put into perspective, Tesla has a 2015 85D for sale now for $57.5K, which has lesser mileage, 4 year CPO mileage, autopilot, etc. Tesla is also selling a 2013 P85 for $44K again with warranty. Having the right price compared to CPO options makes a lot difference.
Good luck!
There are 10 P85's on EV-CPO in the high 40k/ low 50k range. Wait until those are sold, then you will have an easier time selling yours :)

Prior to the "dump" this week, and for the last 6 months, it has been difficult to buy a P85 CPO for less than about $60k from Tesla.