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2018 center console lid won’t close


Jan 28, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
On our 2018 model 3, my wife stated she opened the center lid (one that always says close lid gently) to grab the gate clicker. Afterwards it won’t close anymore. I went and looked at it and the movements seem fine, it just won’t stay closed (pops right back up). It seems like it’s slightly lower than usual too as when it’s almost shut the back isn’t flush with the cup holder area. Any ideas? She says she didn’t put any weight on it, only opened it like normal. If someone else had this issue and couldn’t fix it, how much was it to have Tesla fix?
Went out and really looked at it last night, and she had dropped a Starbucks drink stopper in between the lid and the cup holder area, which was preventing it from closing. Had to carefully use a knife to grab it out without scratching anything but it all works again.
thank you for sharing. I had the same problem and looked inside and found a small black plastic knife removing it fixed the problem.