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2018 Model 3 RED LR RWD EAP low miles

Red on black 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range, RWD, low miles, includes Enhanced Autopilot (has autopilot, summons feature, auto lane change and Autopark). 21,500 miles. No accidents, clean title. Comes with new Nokkian Happakalita winter tires.

This Tesla comes with Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) which has autopilot, summons, auto lane change and autopark. Upgrading from that to Full Self Driving (FSD) capability is only $5000 (normally $10,000). Comes with HWR 2.5-gradable to 3.0 with FSD.

It is in very good condition with some minor scratches on the paint and 1 small door ding. Interior has normal wear and tear with some very light stains and scratches. It has no mechanical issues that I’m aware of. It comes with Tesla’s long range battery ~295 miles range at 100% and it is rear wheel drive. Remaining 4year/50,000 mile warranty until 2022 and 8 yr/100,000 mile battery & drivetrain warranty until 2026.


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Unless you've been abusing the battery or are extremely unlucky, the 295 mile 100% range makes me think that the battery is out of balance and/or the BMS calibration is off. If you have time before this sells, I suggest looking through one of the battery threads for advice. Otherwise, it looks like your car has more degradation than I'm guessing it actually has.