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2018 Model S low speed consistent vibration

Hoping someone may be able to help more than Tesla service has been able to so far. I have a consistent ( every time) vibration in front of car that starts around 15mph, and remains until hitting about 30 mph. This happens under deceleration or acceleration, or anytime maintaining a speed in that range. It is not a tire balance issue, happens with my winter or summer tires in exactly the same fashion. It can be felt as a bit of a rumble, and causes the backing plates on the brakes to vibrate causing a loud buzzing. Took it into Tesla and they fixed the buzzing, but car still has the vibration, and is now again starting to cause the buzzing noise after a mere couple weeks.

I’ve thought axles or wheel bearings, but axles I would think should get worse under acceleration, which it doesn’t. I would think bad wheel bearings would be felt also at lower speeds, and amplify at higher speed. No vibration at all at higher speeds, though perhaps there is more road noise type sound than there should be for the tires. Anyone experienced this?
I'd also guess wheel bearings. Do sharp turns have any difference? Maybe get an athletic bicyclist (or ebike) ride your front wheels @ 15 MPH for both a closer visual/auditory exam? Maybe that would identify which wheel?
I have the same issue. I have brought it in three times. The service manager says it is a defect in the design of the half shafts and cannot be repaired. It drives me nuts. I want to return the car to Tesla for a refund or another car. I can't continue to drive this one due to the buzzing. They do not make it clear how to return the car. Does anyone know how?
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I keep wanting to get another model S but these threads scare me away. I leased 2016 model S p100D that had the 15-30 mph problem. Had front motor replaced and this did not do anything. Luckily, it was during this period that Tesla had the 90 day lease "happiness guarantee" where I could cancel lease for only payments made to date which is what I did. That 15-30 vibration is too annoying for me to chance getting another car like that -- especially since I would purchase this one. The testers I drove at local Tesla center do not have this vibration. So it does seem like it is vehicle specific. Anyone have any further detail that can get me off the fence?