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2021+ Model S Safety Upgrade - rear doors


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Aug 22, 2013
A small area of concern was backseat door opening if power failure. Panic situation, safety or just slightly better option then designed by Tesla. I watched a video where a YouTuber said you can’t get out of back seat if power fails. Of course he was wrong. But digging around in a small hole for a small plastic “handle” or better yet “pull tab” did not seem safe to me. So I bought two red reflective straps used on winch wire rope hooks to slip over the hook and pull out the winch lead. You see them on the front of Jeeps, etc. about 6-8” long and a 4” hoop on one end. I attached it to my pull tabs and slid it inside the carpet leaving about 2” of the hoop/loop sticking out. Now in case of emergency I can tell the occupants to reach between legs and pull the red “thing” hanging out of carpet. Easy, effect, and most anyone can figure it out and do it.

Tesla should have done this in the carpet front and back. Red means release. Down low makes it less likely to be grabbed or used on front doors like the e handles for them. I have a another car that uses mechanical releases and my wife will do that instead of button. Have to scold her, LOL.

I think my solution should be implemented on all rear seat mechanical safety releases for all Tesla’s and the front as well!
i think this is great, especially if you have kids in the back. can you link me to the straps that you bought?
Country Brook Design - 1 Inch Winch Hook Pull Strap with Reflective Nylon - Red https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W5R7QQ8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_reIsHhacPBNho

I drilled a small 1/8 hole in the plastic “handle” and used a trim screw with washer through the non-looped end. Works perfect. Good tight fit. Will work for sure, but not ideal. I wanted to rivet, but, I know I have a good tight fit and a rivet from thread to plastic required some specialty I did not have. And very little working room without pulling seat, etc.
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Sorry, no. I used a small, 1/2 long black metric trim screw. I pre-drilled the plastic tab in the center. I am 6’4” and did not have a lot of room unless I pulled the seat and did not want to do that. The red loop has a thick double stitched end. The screw went threw the red strap into the plastic tab and tight. Works well. Sorry I can’t get better pics.