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Abstract Ocean Bright Lights

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Hey all, just wondering if folks wouldn't mind posting pictures of what the ultra bright lights from Abstract Ocean look like installed, as well as what the colored lights look like. i am interested in both of these, but I can't seem to find many pictures of what the results look like.
Thanks in advance!!
AO Blue Footwell and 'T'.jpg AO Blue Trunk.jpg
It's hard to convey accurately through photos due to ambient lighting and camera settings. This is in my garage with 1 window, during the day, with all the lights off, taken with Pixel Night Sight. Also, this is with the door just opened, so it is the brighter setting - it gets dimmer with the door closed. I think the blue is the dimmest of the AO bright LED lights, but overall I think it roughly maintains the brightness in the footwells compared to the stock lights - it is a little more subtle because of the color. In the trunk, I think the blue lights are brighter than the stock lights. I am very happy with the lights, and I hope this gives you some insight.

(As an added bonus you can see the "T" logo and a glimpse of my diy 3D printed-door-pocket-ambient lighting-blue-filter-cap. I need to come up with another name for those.)
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I have the AO white in my trunk and front doors. It isn't blinding by any means, and I think It is a tremendous improvement. The picture above comparing stock to the AO makes them look glaring which to me they are not. The OEM trunks lights are really dark to see much detail of what is in the trunk. Likewise the OEM puddle lights are really dim and hard to see much detail on the ground in the dark. When you put the AO lights it just looks like they should have come that way to my eyes at least. In my S I did put the inside footwells, but did not do that in my 3.
I think the bright LEDs for the trunk and puddle lights are a must. You will not regret replacing those because you can't see jack with the stock ones. Even the 'T' logo puddle lights are brighter than the stock lights.

I'm pretty sure the ones for the footwell will work in the trunk/puddles (but the ones just for the trunk will not work for the footwell). If you're on the fence about the footwells, just start with a pair for the trunk/puddles (but make sure to get the ones that will work in the footwell), try them in all three locations and decide when you see them in person.

I would not go back to the stock lights. I'm hoping they will last a long time like LED lights I've installed in the house, but if they last at least 4 years I'd be happy enough that I would order them again.
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I’ve been very happy with Abstract Ocean’s products and service.

Installed the blue front footwell lights and a set of T logo puddle lights forward.

Plenty bright. Love ‘em.

Next up is a set of custom lighted door sills from Norm. Those look great in the box so far.
How hard are these to install? Couple screws and a plug in?

Soft plastic pry tool and opposable thumbs. I used a butter knife with a piece of folded cardboard to get the stock lights out. The wiring harness has a retaining clip that needs to be pressed in then you can remove the light.

I had trouble with 1 of my door/puddle lights that required removal of the inner door panel, but I think that is unusual.
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The Abstract Ocean lights are outstanding. Some may not like how bright they are for the puddle lights, but I like them. Really comes in handle when it's dark outside.

The trunk, however, is a muuuuuust. It makes it soooo bright. Much easier to get stuff out in the evenings without digging around trying to find what you are looking for. For how cheap they are, I have zero regrets. The trunk ones WERE a bit of a pain to install, but I got them in. Doors and Glove Box were easy.
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