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Acceleration loss for a split second

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Just over 1000 miles on my Model 3, on 10.5

Tonight we got in the car to run down the road. Two times within the first quarter mile while accelerating the car felt like it stopped getting power to the motor for a split second. Only way I can describe it is it felt like if you took your foot off the accelerator suddenly and regen kicked in. Just lasted a second each time and then didn’t happen again the next 10 miles or on the way back.

Anyone experience this?
Dry, clean road surface? Were you driving sedately, or giving it some beans? Accelerating under cornering loads, etc? It kinda sounds like traction control, though I have no experience with Tesla TC/SC specifically.
Just regular acceleration (not flooring it) on a regular flat road. Just felt like power completely went away for a split second. Hasn’t happened again and we drove another couple hundred miles since then. Just watching it.