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Advice on base audio upgrade: Reus or try a different build?

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I've got a base audio system with the MCU2 upgrade on a 11/13 built S85. We mostly listen to classical, EDM, rock/pop, hip-hop through Spotify, Tune-in, and Slacker. Sometimes the audio sounds just fine, sometimes there are clearly drowned out frequencies, and other times the source recording sounds like it was recorded through a telephone. We have 136K miles on the car with the tire threads about 75% but the road noise is getting pretty apparent through the doors and wheel wells, so I'd be looking to add some sound dampening material there. I'm in Orange County and so there's a few options to consider:

1) Reus System in Orange seems to be 5 different levels of upgraded audio ranging in price between $2K-$5K. I'm not clear on what products they use for a base audio equipped Model S, but folks seem very happy with the tuning and results. I'll have to reach out to them to find out exactly what they offer and at what price.

2) I reached out to another local audio shop who suggests a $2.4K build using Alpine Type R speakers, Alpine 5 channel amp, Audio Control LC6i, & Kicker 10" shallow sub installed. Sound deadening doors would be an additional $300. I'm chatting back with the shop to see if they have a demo Tesla I can listen to before committing and I've also asking about upgrading the front speakers to a 3-way Focal component set (165AS3) which will add 3" midrange speakers into the dash while cheapening the rear speakers to a set of Alpine Type S coaxial.

Seems like a lot of Tesla folks are happy with Reus and I'm not sure if I should go that route or try option 2. Any thoughts while I reach out to Reus?