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Alexa Auto Roadster Installation

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Jan 31, 2010
Over the weekend I installed Alexa Auto into my Roadster. It took a little tweaking, but I think it makes a great addition to the Roadster. I prefer speaking and keeping my eyes on the road at all times.

I tried several spots with the top off / windows down and after 50 mph Alexa refused to listen even if you were screaming. I tried behind the steering wheel, attached to the visor and by the emergency brake. Nothing would work. Finally, I placed it in the cubby hole (picture included) on the left side shielded from the air noise.

Now the system works up to 65 mph speaking somewhat loudly with both windows down. Above 65 mph I either have to scream or roll up the drivers side window. Around town it's perfect, I think it's a nice addition to the Roadster.

I have the Parrot double din solution which is an android stereo that will automatically select Bluetooth each time the car is started.

System Requirements:

Alexa Auto - Uses your data plan from your phone
Alexa Auto - Connects to your audio system by either Bluetooth or direct cable.

System Overview

The device will only respond to Alexa (It can't be changed at this time)
I was able to get driving directions with the map showing on my iPhone and Watch with turn by turn instructions while playing music.
The car vent installation is not compatible with the Roadster, but it would have been too loud outside of the cubby hole.

Currently, Alexa Auto is only available by invitation with a cost of $26 dollars. Normal retail is supposed to be $45.


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