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Another centre Consol Sliding cover thread...almost

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I see there are plenty of threads and issues with regards to the sliding cover on the centre console, and we have a similar issue. however I am wondering if anyone has removed the mechanism so you can only manually move it back and forth?

This would seem the best option for this cover, as the mechanism is always getting stuck, and with my kids being the A*holes they are have pulled the cover forward when it was open, so when locked open by the mechanism it isn’t all the way back. Also when trying to grab something out from the front area of storage ahead of the bottle holders, you end up nudging the cover and then its retracting into your wrist. It is most annoying.

Has anyone successfully removed the mechanism or only repaired this awful cover?

Note: the kids have also buggered the rear cup holders which don’t come out when pressed, you have to pull them out. The kids seem to be feral when it comes to listening to simple instructions in the car!