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Anyone else have this issue with rear hatch?

My rear hatch struggles sometimes to open. When checking my lift struts I noted they are heavily rusted. Sunce water flows in the channel when it rains shouldn't the hardware chosen be resistant to rust?


I had my ball joints replaced by mobile service a few weeks ago. I replaced the struts myself with powered struts since the car didn’t have a power lift gate when I bought it used. I bought it from person in NJ where it looks like the OP is from. Maybe it’s the weather up there?

I think these are learning pains for Tesla as a company only 10 years old or so. Their whole design center is in California where it doesnt rain at all. Northeast folks like my self we see the entire seasons and then some during the year. Things like Salt on roads, and heavy rains and icing, etc all within the same month not to mention living near the sea doesnt help ( Long island, NY ). Eventually they will catch up to the german quality, but i think their focus is on getting cars on the road, and updating them within revisions.