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AP2 on 2018.10.4 8bbdc66 with Snow, Sleet, and Reduced Road Visibility

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I've been quite critical of AP2 performance compared to AP1 but I feel that this latest update significantly surpasses AP1's capabilities. On Friday, I took a day trip to Lake Tahoe with the family and had my wife record some video while we were on autopilot. I was really impressed by its performance. In the linked video, we were driving at 55 mph initially and slowed down to 45 mph when there was more snow cover on the road. I received a number of warnings to keep my hands on the wheel (which they were) near the end and shortly after AP2 quit with an error of poor radar visibility. I assume that there was snow build-up on the front bumper. AP2 was available again shortly after we dropped below the snow line.

I also used AP2 for 126 miles (I80 and US101) from Folsom to Burlingame with only 3 periods of interventions: 1) before Albany where there was a left-lane off-ramp from the freeway that the vehicle wanted to take; 2) along Albany where the concrete barriers in the left lane were too close for comfort, and 3) after the Bay Bridge where an erratic driver beside us was too close for comfort. I also noticed via Google Wifi that the Tesla uploaded 240MB of data after the trip. I'm really looking forward to what Tesla has in store with EAP and FSD.

AP2 on 2018.10.4 8bbdc66 at 45-55 mph with Snow, Sleet, and Reduced Road Visibility • r/teslamotors
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