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Base S85 non-tech vs P85D decked out loaner

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About a month ago, I purchased a private party used S85 VIN: 6701. It doesn't have a tech package or sound studio, but I still love the **** out of this car. I had the rear clunk and decided to take it in for warranty work, should take 1 day. To my surprise, I had a P85D loaner waiting for me, with insane mode and not speed limited (need to make a pass on the freeway getting out of carpool).

Here are my initial impressions in no particular order:

1.) Even though I own a MS85, I am terrified of this car. It is the most powerful production vehicle I've ever driven. I could have shamed any car on the road this morning, but drove like a grandma.

2.) I can't even feel that there is a second motor in the car, even on brisk acceleration. It's weird to know its there and not really feel it fully.

3.) I haven't set up my Slacker radio yet, and this car had it all ready to go. I don't like it much, Spotify is more expansive, but that just might be me being used to it.

4.) Power folding mirrors give me a sense of safety when I park. I do miss this on my S85

5.) Next Gen seats ARE THE BOMB. 200% better than the original seats. My head is supported and my neck/shoulders fit right in. I REALLLLLLLLLLY want these seats, at least for the front. I will say they block rearward visibility a little more than my back original seats

6.) Sunroof wasn't as cool as I imagined, even in sunny Socal, just felt like an after thought in terms of production. Probably more personal preference though.

7.) Suede?? (i think?) trim was a nice touch. I've seen it on other cars, didn't feel functionally better or worse.

8.) "Yacht texture" middle piece was weird to me, i don't feel like it was an improvement over the carpet or any of the nifty looking aftermarket addons.

9.) Adaptive cruise control (autopilot?) was also scary. I felt like I wasn't really in control of the car, so I turned it off after about 5 minutes on the freeway. I'll try it again later, but there's so much to configure while going 70 mph that I couldn't be sure I wasn't setting myself up to die in a fiery accident by handing over control to the car.

10.) My NUMBER 1 complaint was addressed in this car, and i don't know when the switch was made but it drives me up the wall. The blinker and cruise control levers are switched back around (blinker on top, cruise on bottom). I turned on my wipers so many times in the first week when trying to enable cruise control it was ridiculous. This setup in the p85d seems much more in line with cars of the past 10-20 years, and thus more natural to me.

11.) The energy graph of the people who drove before me is hilarious. When I return this car we'll be sub 300 w/hr, which is a far cry from almost 450 w/hr when I got it. These people love insane mode (another reason to be careful buying CPO, this car was clearly ragged on for fun, although clean and nothing negative persay about it overall)

12.) Sound studio adds a little more boom and click to the sound, but nothing that I feel like I'm missing without it. This was also surprising.

I've still got it for the rest of the day so hopefully I find more cool things! :)
2.) I can't even feel that there is a second motor in the car, even on brisk acceleration. It's weird to know its there and not really feel it fully.

When I test drove a P85D a couple of months ago, I definitely could feel the sure-footedness of the front motor kicking in upon heavy ("insane") acceleration.

Also, the sunroof as an afterthought? It's the biggest sunroof I've ever seen! Can you elaborate what your issue is with it? Unless the P85D sunroof is materially different than 2013 cars. I know there was a slight change, but still, it's panoramic sunroof!
Oh, no I didn't take issue with it. I don't even have one on my base.

I guess I'm just very ignorant to the technology surrounding sunroofs to be in love with it. In this case, it was merely an observation based on my own personal preference. I'm sure its amazing in its own right :)

Thanks for the info, that was new to me, cool stuff!

I fiddled around with cruise control more. I let it drive me in medium traffic on the way home, it did good with people over taking, and people merging. I think overall it is an amazing feature that could take some getting used to. I tried it at 45ish and 75ish. Also, G/F loves the panorama sunroof, its the only thing she cared about that was different (figures) :tongue: