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Best floor mat options here in UK


I keep finding car Matt’s that won’t ship to the UK other than Tesla what are my options and does anyone know the average price in GBP for the Tesla mats for 5 seater.

Had a look on US store and was shocked to see everything is separate front, rear, drink, boot “that’s $500”
I dont see Tesla listed on autostyle.co.uk - do you have to call?

there's loads they don't have shown on their site, they have the patterns for a good fit, just email them
[email protected]

- and tell them (Des Henderson iirc) to update their website!
Pretty much every Tesla owner probably looking for better than the low quality oem mats
for 200GPB you can even have lambswool

as I said, no affiliation, an internet search will likely come up with other uk suppliers too
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