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Best Use of the M3 Right Scroll Wheel

We should be able to access and adjust any control in the Tesla Model-3 with the Right Scroll Wheel.
Here's how!

Every Control in the Control Main Viewing Area should have a Card associated with it, and when the user designates a control as a Favorite❤ its Card will be included in the "stack of cards" in the Card section. (Cards show in the lower left section of the touchscreen.)

Pushing the Right Scroll Wheel right or left scrolls the Cards. (Long push jumps to either end, so you can put your favorite cards at the ends for easy access.)

When you are displaying the control card with the adjustment you want, make the adjustment by scrolling the wheel, and confirm it with a short push of the wheel. (Long push brings up the Voice Control.)

In this way the controls that are important to the driver will be available without the driver needing to take hands off the wheel or focus extended attention onto the touch screen.
Great, I'm waiting for the update. In the above idea the AP controls would be on one of the cards, so when you are in AP you could select that card to be active. However as I described it the right/left would only swap cards. I think it would be better if you could use right/left while in a card as well, so I suggest this change:

Short Press toggles the function of the scroll wheel between choosing a card and adjusting the controls within a card.

i.e. Before you select a card the right/left moves through the card stack. After you select a card the right/left moves the focus to different controls IN the card and scrolling adjusts those controls. After you finish using the card you short press to return to card selection.

I find swiping the touch screen to choose cards (in 2018-10) is slow and requires continued attention to see the next card. To make it more frustrating I kept accidentally turning on the wiper when swiping past that card.