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Can I overheat a type 2 cable

So this may mostly apply for non-NA members, sorry to my North American friends out there.

I just bought a new type 2 cable since the one I bought with the car was 7 m long and I only have 0.5 m from the charging station to my charging port.
However, you can buy a lot of different rated type 2 cables, not all supporting 32 amps 3 phase and the following thought struck me:

Let's assume that I by mistake order a 3x16 amp cable and don't notice it. The charger in the garage outputs 3x24 to my car which is maximum for my model.
Will the charger then only deliver 3x16 to the car? Will it not start charging? Is there a fuse in the cable? Will it just overheat?

Any insight would be appreciated!
don t bother buy a 32A else it will heat
personnally i bought a 20m long T2/T2 32A but i won t use it above 16A,it 's quite long :p

20 m! That cannot have been cheap!

The cables are resistor encoded, which means that the charging station and car know what current the cable can handle and will adjust to it.

The steps are 13A, 20A and 32A.

A cable sold as 16A is actually a 20A cable.

So no, you can’t melt your cable this way

Perfect! Just the info I was looking for, thanks!