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Charger adapter disengagement

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We just got our MYLR and I bought an aftermarket adapter to fit the Tesla plug but this is the second time it won’t come out when disengaging. I push the trigger on the charger end and it releases but the adapter doesn’t, it stays in the charger port. Anybody else have this problem? Still stuck. We already had a charger for my other car but have the Tesla charger on the way to be installed.
What is an "aftermarket adapter to fit the tesla plug"? In any case, my suggestion would be to make sure that you pull the charger out by putting your hand on the adapter, instead of the other part of the charging wand.

When I use the J1772 to Tesla adapter at third party chargers, and pull the charger out, I put my hand on the J1772 adapter after I stop the charging session and unlock the charge port, then pull by that.
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