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Vendor CLOSED!!! GIVEAWAY! Tesla-Specific Protective Products - 5 Participants LIMITED!!!

Thank you for your support to Lasfit! We want to inform you that the special giveaway for Tesla Motor Club members has now ended. If you are interested in trying out Lasfit floor mats, trunk mats, mud flaps, wheel hub covers, and other Tesla-specific products for your Tesla, we invite you to visit our Lasfit store. If you have any inquiries about our products, please feel free to contact us via email, private message, or leave a message below.
Hello everyone,
It's Lasfit here. :)

Lasfit recognizes the growing popularity of Tesla vehicles and the unique needs of Tesla owners. We want to produce products specifically for Tesla that not only meet those needs but exceed expectations. We believe that by listening to feedback from Tesla owners, we can identify areas for improvement and develop innovative solutions that address their concerns and challenges. Our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation is what sets us apart, and we are committed to providing the best possible products and services to the Tesla community.

As proud partners of Tesla Motors Club, we are pleased to extend an exclusive opportunity to select members- a chance to try Lasfit protective products on your Model 3 or Model Y. Hurry, the offer is limited- Don't miss out!

Learn more about the limited offer.
1. For Tesla Model 3
👉5 Participants Limited
👉Available products:
1> Floor mats(1st&2nd row floor mats)
2> Rear cargo mats
3> Door Sill Protector
4> Mud Flaps
5> Wheel Hub Cover
NOTE: These wheel hub caps fit 18-inch wheels(Standard Range and Long Range) ONLY!
*** Each person is limited to choosing only one of the above products.
Tesla model 3 lasfit products.png

2. For Tesla Model Y
👉5 Participants Limited
👉Available products:
1> Floor mats(1st&2nd row floor mats)
2> Rear cargo mats
3> Door Sill Protector
4> Mud Flaps
5> Wheel Hub Cover
NOTE: These wheel hub caps fit 19-inch wheels(Standard Range and Long Range) ONLY!
6> Anti-kick Pad
7> 2nd-Row Seat Back Cover Mat
***Each person is limited to choosing only one of the above products.
Tesla model Y lasfit.png

Please contact us by email in the format below:
1. Contact email: [email protected]
2. Title: Your forum user name - Tesla Model ? (your model) Products Application
3. The email content includes:
> The model and year of your Tesla
> What product do you most want to get?

If you have any questions about these products, welcome to leave a message below or contact us by email!
Click Here to Check More Details about These Products!
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Request sent as instructed. Would love to get 2023 M3 hub covers as I just experienced a curb rash and would like to cover that up with these better looking caps.


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Emailed a few days back and haven't heard a response, is there something I should be expecting as far as a reply?
Thank you for your interest in Lasfit products. We appreciate your email and would like to inform you that we have received it.

Please note that due to the high volume of emails we are currently receiving, our response may be slightly delayed. However, we strive to respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best Regards,
Lasfit Team
Thanks Lasfit for doing this. I’m really happy with your floor mats, trunk mat, and sill protectors (which, so everyone knows I paid for on my my own -not sponsored :) . Hoping to try out the wheel covers for our new Model 3.
Thanks so much for your support to Lasfit and glad to hear that you're satisfied with our floor mats, trunk mat, and sill protector. We have received your email and will get back to you asap.
Could you please share some photos of floor mats, trunk mats, and sill protectors here?
Model Y 1st and 2nd row floor mats

After taking delivery of my ‘23 MYP, I have been contemplating getting a good all weather floor mats. I signed up for these and Received the floor mats from LASFIT. Shipping was fast, took only 2 days. Came in a very secure boxed packaging. With No smell at all.

Construction- Mats felt well constructed and solid. 2nd row was folded inside packaging but it did not warp or affect appearance.

Fitment- Installation was fairly easy after taking off the original mats. Edges were tight and sealed. I’m amazed by how well they fit all around. Mats stayed in place and did not budge.

Maintenance- Mats were easy to wipe down and clean. Heavy cleaning using garden hose was simple.

Overall : I’m excited to try the rest of the products made by LASFIT! Great customer service and quality products that compare well to oem.


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I received my floor mats to test on July 8, 2023. I decided to test them for approximately a week. Full disclosure: Lasfit sent these to me free of charge to test. This is my honest review.

The box delivered seemed actually pretty light compared to other all weather type mats I have used. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they seemed of high quality.

I got up close to the mats and noted they are of very high quality material. They are sturdy, but pliable. My previous "all weather" mats had small indentations. They were good, but not like these Lasfit. Here are some close ups:

I often go trail running and worry about getting dusty/muddy shoes in my car. With these however, I'm no longer worried. I'm thinking I'll purchase the rear mat as well.

After carefully inspecting the mats, it was time to install them in the car. And let me say, what a joy. They fit perfectly, one might say like a glove. There was no wiggle or give to them. My previous mats even had some tape that would adhere to the carpet so they wouldn't move and these are MUCH MUCH better. Here are some pics:

The passenger side door was perfect, and the second row was even better (I have 2 kids, aged 12 and 6 so these will come in handy). The driver side mat fits so much better than my previous ones and I will NOT be going back. Behold:

I'll never understand why all cars don't come with all weather mats standard. These Lasfit ones are perfect for my MYLR and I couldn't be happier. I even poured water on them and it quickly cleaned off with a towel (no video - it somehow corrupted during transfer to my computer). I currently cannot identify any cons but I promise to revisit this thread in one month as follow up. Would recommend, would buy! Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Special thanks to Lasfit, and especially Pauline. The process was easy, they were quick to respond and Pauline attended to any questions I had very promptly.
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