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CPO buying experience

I have been watching the Tesla CPO's and their pricing is interesting. Every day it doesn't sell, they seem to price adjust them $1000-$2000 per day.
I still find it weird that Tesla never mentions the condition of a CPO, or of it's a one owner, or a no accidents car?
Has anybody ever purchased a CPO sight unseen and then picked up and been real pissed?
When I call Tesla and ask questions, the sales guy just says make your $1000 non refunadable deposit, we have more customers than cars!
So now I guess I'm just going to buy a non CPO that I know the history...
So I will know it is a 1 owner and hasn't been smashed up. Will just get a bit of remaining bumper to bumper warranty.
I could buy a CPO sight unseen from Tesla and get a 4 year extended warranty, but they will not disclose any info...
Why is Tesla making this so difficult?
Maybe this os just the Canadian Tesla stores?


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There are lots and lots of horrible CPO experiences, and just as many fantastic ones.

Instead of posting links here for you, please try the forum search for "CPO" in the titles.

It's not just Canada, US also. I'm pretty sure any car in the CPO program hasn't been in a major accident,but may have had minor body work done.

There are occasionally great CPO deals and cars in fantastic shape. There are also some nightmare stories.

Good luck either way!