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Did anybody buy their Tesla using TSLA stock money?

Did you purchase, or put a down payment on, your Tesla using stock money?

  • Yes, with just TSLA

    Votes: 11 45.8%
  • Yes, but with multiple stocks

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • No

    Votes: 12 50.0%

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I was about 99% ready to pull the trigger on a Model 3 until this crash that occurred over the last week or two. But I was just curious - did anybody pull their money out of TSLA, or any other stock for that matter, at any time to put a down payment on or outright buy your Tesla vehicle? When did you figure it was the right time to do so? And do you have any tips or advice for anybody who is thinking about doing the same?

I read all of your responses but forgive me if I don't respond immediately, I'm usually typing this stuff on mobile. Thanks!
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I don't own a Tesla yet, but when I buy my Model Y either later this year or sometime next year I will finance it and make the payments by selling shares of TSLA over time. I am confident my TSLA stock value will increase at a much greater than any loan for the car will accrue interest. :cool:
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I will be selling covered calls to fund my MS Plaid+ purchase in 2022-23, as well as a LR MY for a family member. As long as TSLA stock gets back over $900 well, actually $1000, Elon and company will be getting at least 25% of my gains.
I paid 50% of my tesla from the proceeds of my TSLA. As I only put in 40k, and took out 78k, and still have much more than that in the market, I feel it was a good choice.

Now, I also missed out on like 30k from selling those shares. But then again, that'd only have been if I sold at the high, and I'd still be short a car otherwise. ;) So I don't really have any regrets.
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