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Do I have a unique AP2 issue?

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January 2017 I picked up an AP1 MX60D which was great, but since I started using my car about 2.5x more I wanted a 90D with all options. I found a demo MX90D AP2 with all options including FSD which was delivered in June 2017. My MX60D had some door issues which was fixed soon and that was it. My MX90D however had door issues, several other issues and AP2 only worked on a good day.

The car has been to SC (Stockholm, Sweden) once a month since delivery. Doors have been fixed after two tries, seats have been fixed (one left though), but AP2 is not yet fixed. SC have changed cameras, recalibrated radar, changed ICU, changed MCU etc. The issue persists.

AP2 only works randomly so a guess that cameras have issues is a good one, but that is not the case. Because when I lose AP2 and cruise control I also lose speed limit indication in the screen behind the steering wheel and with the exterior lights set to AUTO ut switches on low beam light instead of daytime running lights. My guess is that the car doesn't know where it is located, therefor it puts the light on (I might be in a country that requires it) and deactivate AP2 (I might be in a country that doesn't allow it). I have presented this theory for SC but no luck there. On google maps and navigon the car knows exactly where it is.

Some software versions ago (I think it was prior 2017.50.3) it didn't even warn when AP2 was deactivated, it just shut down. Now I at least get a warning.

Today, 10month later I have escalated the issue using the feature in myTesla. I am asking for compensation for missing features (plus the feature fixed) or a new car with similar spec and milage.
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My tip is a sensor failure. Was it 17.42 or later that activated the repeater cameras? Then all my driver assistant features and auto headlights and auto wipers got disabled. One side repeater cam had a bad contact. Replaced and worked fine since. Also, the wiring harness can have corrosion in the contact. Maybe the wiring also has had a pinch somewhere and is kind of unstable.

Have you tried calling Tesla roadside assistance for a diagnosis at the moment the system fails? And yes, I support your escalation!
I did not know there is a special Ap2-computer so I do not know If it is replaced.

This night they responded:

I have received feedback from the servicemanager in Stockholm that they have been in contact with you in order to find a path of resolution in this matter. I will close this escalation now, knowing you are in good hands with the Stockholm service team and they have a full picture of the problem.

But no, SC havent been in contact with me for Some time now.