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??? doors & high beams 2019 MX

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One question i think i figured out...passengers in back seats exit by using the button on the door jam with icons for open/closed FW doors, BUT with kids locks on those buttons are NOT useable/ CORRECT?

2nd ?... i programed my high beams to work on automatic..i understood it to mean on a dark street they would go on & automatically go off if a car was approaching.....this isn't happening
i'm puzzled
i will work on figuring it out but in the meantime..if anyone has any solid answers, please send them my way. Thanks in Advance
I believe you are correct about the child locks. Certainly those buttons are the normal way to use the FWD.

As others have hinted at, the turn signal stalk has three positions toward/away from you, as well as five around the wheel. In the normal neutral position the lights will always be low beam.

Pulled toward you, the lights will always be high beam (even if they were off before you pulled,) but it goes back to the middle position as soon as it is released.

Pushed away from you, it goes to high beams only when the headlights are on - unless the auto mode is set and it sees oncoming traffic or high light levels. As noted above, you'll see a high beam indicator with an A on it when the stalk is forward and the lights are on, gray if the high beams are off, blue if they are on.
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Think of it as automatic dimming instead of automatic high beams. You must have your high beams on in order for it to automatically dim them. Check for the icon frequently since it is easy to pull the stalk off the high beam position while signalling a turn, at least for non-Ravens.
what makes the Raven model different as far as hi beams?
thanks everyone very helpful info
must expand my sentiments..you all answered most rapidly and in a very thoughtful & most helpful way. No sarcasm, no judgements..just helpful
appreciate so much.

i luv this car & am an Apple peep from the 80's so i luv this forum also...sometimes arrogant peeps answer and it isn't the nicest approach imo