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"Downfall" Parody Video Involving Tesla Motors

Now this is good stuff. It is funny as hell but therein are little bits of possible future that wont be funny for many who now see themselves as safe.

How long until the number of gas stations really starts to decline? First in line to go will be smaller, private operations with single locations. 5% less customers can change profit into loss. And what will that signal to future buyers.

Will owners of ICE cars start to have range anexiety?
With gas at $1.99/gallon here I am losing hope.

Wait until Dec 2015...its going to come down more..

I bought Tesla when gas price was $3.49/gallon ...

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Here's a 4-minute YouTube video I created in which I added Tesla Motors related subtitles to a scene in the excellent German film "Downfall".

Nice video...made me laugh
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Very funny video -- I made one of those myself (for a different topic/forum), so I know how much time it takes to create the dialog and match it up to the scenes perfectly -- well done!

Also, in case you didn't know, Hitler was responsible for the creation of Volkswagen ("The People's Car").. see: Volkswagen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- that would have been an interesting historical tidbit to work in there somehow. And also VW of course also now makes a BEV.