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Early 2016 Model X driver door stuck closed (won't open manually)

My early 2016 Model X driver's door (VIN is under 1700), is stuck closed. This seems like an impossibility since everything I read says that the door handle will release the latch manually once pulled to its full open position. But it doesn't. I've tried everything I can think of, including hard resets, and holding the door handle in the full open position for a minute to see if that might reset some sensor, but nothing has worked and I'm getting tired of getting in and out the passenger side.

This one has me stumped. Has anyone else experienced this? And is there a simple fix?

I scheduled Tesla Service for tomorrow, and in their note they say not to try to open the door manually as it may damage the vehicle.
I believe this was a common experience early on. I had this in my 2017 years ago. The latch mechanism was replaced with a newer version. It is possible they eventually fail again, but it seems more likely yours just lasted a long time before failing (based on the assumption that they fix the manual release when they replace the latch). I'd follow the SC advice and stop trying since you're out of warranty. The inside handle is supposed to open it manually when fully actuated, which is a safety thing, and I've seen reports that you may have to fully actuate it 2 or 3 times to get it to connect, but mine never worked during that issue. There is no way to test it when the electrical release is working, and testing it might not be a great idea anyway, because it would mean the window is staying up and must be forced/flexed out of its seat for the door to open.