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Electric auto in apartment Tief garage

I have a model 3 on order and I sold my Hybrid Auris last week. A good friend of mine has lent me her summer car.

The electrician got my Tesla wall unit installed today. I live in an apartment that I bought new. I had the wiring for starkstrom (3 phase) run to my allocated parking space run in before the place was occupied. (so as not to have hassle with the eigentumers versamlung etc). We got the wall drilled and the box bolted in place without telling the rest of the owners.

I ordered on the 14th September and don't yet have a VIN number. TMC legend would seem to suggest that VIN numbers are not allocated until the car carrier gets through the Panama canal, As the GRAND DAHLIA is well through the kanal and no sign of a VIN yet maybe my car is on the GRAND PIONEER! Or perhaps even the GENTLE LEADER which is still tied up at SF and we don't know if its even destined for EU, (I think).

Anyway it looks like I'll be motoring analogue style for a little while yet. Not too long I hope as the loan car is only registered until the end of November and has no snow tires!

I'll keep you posted


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