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Farewell, EV World, from Salisbury UK

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After 6 months planning and then 14 months ownership I’ve turned away from the EV adventure and returned to the ICE world. My Tesla M3 Dual Motor has gone and is being replaced with a used Porsche 718 Boxster S.


The Tesla Model 3 is a good EV, but that doesn’t make it a good driving car. I grew tired of the monthly, or more, updates, I became frustrated by the way 95% of all driver/car interactions are through a distracting touch screen. But most of all I resented the way I had to plan journeys of over 250 miles around recharge stops. I yearned for the days when I was free to drive on impulse and fill up at any petrol station, quickly and simply.

EVs are wonderful urban vehicles, but they trap you in a web of organisation and planning if you want to go further, or off main roads into the wilder country.

I’m disappointed, but I’ll not go back to an EV. I don’t believe there will ever be enough fast chargers to allow spontaneous driving, simply for the pleasure of driving. It has been great interacting with everyone, but I'm leaving...

It makes sense.

I've just had a holiday where I had to check for fast chargers. Partly because I was driving into Canada and I wasn't _totally_ sure we'd have mobile data.. But also because the charging locations only had 1 DCFC each so I needed options.

When on Prince Edward Island I checked distance driven because there were few chargers. One day I was concerned because we did extra driving and there was a significant outage in the west.

But I definitely disagree on the question of sufficient fast chargers in the future.

More EVs, more chargers. More chargers, more coverage and more density.
It's just a matter of volume to reach sufficient charger density where, almost wherever you, you stop at the next charger when you drop down to n% and, just like petrol, you only think about refueling if you're _really_ going to the middle of nowhere where density is lower than normal.
I doubt I'd ever have an EV as my only car, not for a while.

Eventually there will be chargers around just like gas stations and it'll be moot. But we also pull a boat so range under load would have to double or triple at least, as well.