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First drive after me taking delivery yesterday evening

My wife was skeptical of my desire to purchase the MY - or any EV.. She had concerns about range, reliability, etc. But overall, she is good about not forcing her opinions on me - just as I give her similar respect. I did a lot of analysis and putting my emotions in check before taking the plunge.

That being said she loves the MY and usually wants us to take versus her MB A220. Her car is only about 18 months old, but she already feels her next car could be a Model 3, if she needed to replace the A220 in the coming couple years.
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I was wondering though, does autopilot not like to be set at/above 80mph? It kept disengaging.
Autosteer and Traffic-Aware-Cruise-Control will cancel if your driving speed exceeds 90mph (150km/h) as documented in the manual (Pg. 87 & 90).

All other safety control functions like Lane Departure Avoidance, Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance, Forward Collision Warning, and Automatic Emergency Braking also will not function without warning when speeding in excess of 90mph (150km/h).

Drive safe!
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I took delivery of my first MY last week. My daughter and I have sitting in it playing games and playing around with the other fun stuff every night. Our favorite (and the neighbor kid’s) is the emissions feature. My wife, not amused. (Worth noting she does love the car)
Have your wives discovered the emissions testing can be played on the external speaker while driving through the neighborhood? Crop dusting joggers is highly amusing to 9 year old boys, perhaps not so much their mothers!