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First new Tesla - which one to get?

Hi all,

First the preamble:
I've decided to get a new Tesla and I have been agonising over which one to get for weeks now. I would like to take advantage of the current 0% PCP on a new M3 (RWD long range) as I think it has everything I need - although the MY (RWD) has everything I probably want (rather than need) with the extra space and higher seat position. The latter has a PCP at 4.9%, which is still comparatively good, but not 0% which is hard to beat these days and makes the M3 very affordable. I was about to bite the bullet and order the M3 but I have a couple of nagging questions which I hope one or some of you can help with.

I live about 25 miles from work, and have to go in most days so either car would work for the commute. I have three daughters (and two dogs) which I think could squeeze into the model 3 if needed, but we also have a van for longer trips. There is still part of me which worries about that wardrobe I'm going to have to move in the future at some point but the reality is the Model 3 would serve almost all of my needs. And if I did a longer trip, the M3 has the longer range which, from what I can tell, will save probably around an hour per trip depending on the distance.

The questions:
1. With the rear-wheel drive I understand the LFP battery is included for all new RWD models, which I believe to be the 'better' of the batteries. Is it that case that these will be the batteries included in the Model 3 / Y RWD if I buy new?
2. Is the LFP the superior battery? Everything I'm reading suggests so but I suspect there must be some draw backs.
3. I just, as I was about to order, noticed that the Model 3 RWD long range is partial premium. The Model Y seems to be full premium and, again reading through what I can find, I'm not entirely clear on the difference on these later models. I can (just about) live with inferior sound system, although I love my music, but I saw some write-ups which suggested I couldn't stream which might be a deal breaker. Any thoughts or advice on the differences would be much appreciated as it may mean I need to revisit the Model Y.

Any help or support in the decision making would be greatly appreciated.

I’m the proud new owner of a M3 RWD. I considered the MY, but my use case is a daily commute vehicle (55 miles round trip) where it will only be myself and the occasional run to the stores on the weekend, the extra cost for the MY just did not make sense to me. If we were looking for a family hauler, the M3 would not be large enough (I have three teenage kids and like you, we have a van as our family vehicle). Good luck with your decision!
I owned a 2020 Model 3 Long Range for over 3 years and it was my first full EV coming from a plug-in hybrid. I just traded it in for a Model Y Long Range (5-seat) with the tow hitch.

Ultimately it's a personal decision but some thoughts from an owner of both to help:

The Model 3 was a great starter EV for me - it was easy to drive and live with and it was so much faster and sportier than my new MY (it didn't hurt that I got acceleration boost on it too). I loved taking it on long trips and had so much my fun driving it - alone! However, my wife and kids hated riding in it. The back seats were doable but not that roomy especially behind my seat (I am 6' 2"). I took a long trip with 3 friends and the back seaters felt it wasn't very comfortable back there for 2-3 hour trips. It was also less practical with my large dogs and loading up big at Costco! But again it was great care for me alone - especially on trips - and it was a heck of a lot of smile inducing fun! It was a great sport sedan. Just not very practical compared to the MY...

So I much prefer my Model Y - and I would have been better off if it was what I started with! The back seat is soooo much roomier - even behind my seat. I have no doubt my friends and family will love riding in the back seat now! A big plus is because it sits up higher is that my wife who has a bad knee can in and out of out so much easier. She said this to me on one of our first drives with the My, "I hated riding in your M3 - the seat belt always dug in to me and it was so hard to get in and out of. The MY is so much nicer and I have no problem riding with you again" Well close to what she said :). It is also so much easier with our 2 x 100+ pound Bernese Mountain Dogs, and I will go bankrupt at Costco before I buy enough to fill up the back! It's not as much fun - it handles great with plenty of pickup for sure - but it's not as sporty as the M3 was. But I gain so much in practicality so that it is ok. And I still smile when I drive it. And as for range - I won't even notice the difference since I just stop to supercharge whenever the system tells me to. Oh I should also point out we got the tow hitch to use it with a teardrop trailer and a bike rack.

So depending on your needs - both are great cars to start with but as a few others have said - with kids, dogs, etc. I find the MY is a better choice longer term.
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So - be suspicious. If you have range anxiety, get the long range variant.
I have a 21 3LR AWD. My wife and I planned a trip with a mileage of 260 mi (418km) round trip. Charged my 3LR to 100% (341mi/548km of range on guess-o-meter) right before the trip. You would think I would have had enough charge to make it back home? Nope. Arrived at my location with 48% remaining. Stopped at a supercharger on the way home with an estimated 10% remaining upon return to home, but arrived with 4%. Why? 90% of the drive was 75mph/120kph with a headwind (first leg of trip), an outside temperature of 100f/37.7c with the AC blasting on LO. During the 2hrs at the location, cabin overheat protection was activated with AC. Get the AWD long range. It also has a longer battery and motor warranty.
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No... there's no way the Y wins for "fun" against the 3. It's just not possible. Interior space? Yes, the Y wins. Model 3 is the most fun vehicle Tesla makes. Actually, Model 3 is the most fun vehicle humanity makes.
The last 5 or so cars I had before I got my 3 beg to differ... You must not get out much. 😅

With that said, I'm currently looking to move on from my M3LR to a YP or a SPlaid. Y because of space for surfboards - the 3 trunk opening is frustrating. S because of the hatchback and 1000+ hp.

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I prefer my m3 with the lfp battery over my older one with the nca batteries. You can charge it to 100% all the time and when you do, regen isn't degraded like the old battery. It is a little slower though.

I really wanted a my but the poor visibility out of the back killed it for me. The visibility in the m3 is much better, imo.
I have a M3 RWD also. I love it. Even ar 100% , regen brake is still very strong. I belive there is a buffer wven at 100% that is why regen brake is still very strong at 100%.

I went through first Winter with snow tires and it was no problem. Even the range is not noticeably weaker. I feel it is the same like summer driving.
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I have a M3 RWD also. I love it. Even ar 100% , regen brake is still very strong. I belive there is a buffer wven at 100% that is why regen brake is still very strong at 100%.

I went through first Winter with snow tires and it was no problem. Even the range is not noticeably weaker. I feel it is the same like summer driving.
What state in winter? Lowest sustained temp?
I might be in WI with my M3RWDLFP this winter
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